I'll Die For You...If You Want Me To

Guitar Romantic

18 October 1988
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"So remeber out there somewhere you got a friend, and you'll never walk alone again"-Cock Sparrer

"So let the die hards die hard, and let the frauds fade away, cos dontcha know tomarrow never comes, and I don't wanna hear about yesterday, Live for, live for today, live for today"-Menace

"Living in the jungle, it ain't so hard, living in the city, it will eat out, eat out your heart"-Johnny Thunders

"And if you dance to the music, the night will last, the night will last, the night will go on and on"-The Vibrators

"All my heros died while they were still alive, confused and comprimised, they're values undermind, they were led down to the hole where the blood and money flows"-TV Smith

"I wanna hold you, wanna hold you tight, get Teenage Kicks right through the night"-The Undertones

For you lovers of music from the '77 era:

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And for all you record collectors:

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