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Oh livejournal, I'm sorry I've neglected you. Let's see, what's been going on these last few weeks?

I decided to go to William and Mary! Really really pumped for that. I think the school and people seem awesome, so I'm looking forward to next year.

I've also been hanging out with new friends that I've met and I'm really happy about where my life is going!

I won a $500 scholarship yesterday for an Italian-Heritage essay contest! Life is good.

it's been such a packed week so far!

sooo it's spring break!

friday I went to starbucks with a few people and then went back to Jake's house where we played Scrabble, and that was fun. Saturday was the pillow fight on wall street! there were thousands of people there and it was like an extremely comfortable mosh pit although I was coughing up feathers after. then i went to emily's house with jen and we watched sweeney todd! and sunday was my grandma's 88th birthday so i spent the day in queens eating rainbow cookies and playing scrabble. and monday i went to see Adventureland with Jen and Brian and it was a hilarious movie! and yesterday was tuesday and i went to port jeff with ally and sam and then went to the mall with sam, shannon, seema, and jake, where we bought jake some new clothes and then i went to starbucks with eric who i met at a party a couple of weeks ago and that was fun and i made new friends, and then i went to a party at bharte's house where i reminisced with my elementary school best friend who i haven't spoken to in three years and i jammed to george michael and didn't drink at all and knighted brian with a plastic sword and it was awesome!

and now i'm home and last night i had weird insomnia: i fell asleep at 1.45 but woke up at like 5.45 and stayed awake for over an hour and then fell asleep till almost noon. verrrrry weird!




So I'm coming to the end of highschool. It's weird knowing I won't be living on Long Island next summer. I went to the beach last week and I've been driving around near the water and it's so beautiful and peaceful and I really love it here. I know that I'll probably be happy at whatever college I choose to attend but I think I'll miss it. The Sound, the salty water that burns every crack in your leg, the jutting rocks, the swans, the marshes, the smell of low tide, the sea gulls that steal your bagels, the seaweed, the Atlantic, the lighthouses. IDK a lot of people say "I can't wait to get off LI!" when they graduate highschool but I don't feel that way. Long Island is a part of me and I've always felt connected to the coast. I'm just feeling a little sad I guess.

New York City

The other day when we were waiting for our train in Penn station, there was a Beatles tribute band playing near the board that states which track the trains will be on and everyone was dancing and singing along: old, young, white, black, rich, poor, etc etc and it was nice to feel like I was sharing experiences with other humans.

In other news, I lived up to the Boitano name and went ice skating and it didn't end in disaster.

Two nightmares last night

Have you all ever had a nightmare where YOU are the bad guy and bad things happen to your life because you're doing bad things? I had a nightmare last night that I shot someone, but I can't remember if it was my math teacher or my friend's mom or something, but either way, I woke up at 4:30 in the morning practically in tears because what a horrendous thought, right?

Then I fell back asleep and had another nightmare that I was being held captive with a whole bunch of other people by this random blonde-haired girl at my cousin's house and I don't know why I was being held captive because this girl was could have obviously been overpowered by all the people that were stuck there and she never presented any kind of weapon. Very strange. I woke up just as the police were going to come to free everyone.

Feelin Kinda Lonley Lately?

School and everything's been going okay but I guess I haven't been feeling all too great.  New Year's resolution is to stop eating fast food so maybe that will make me feel more energized.  I'm also dieting for senior banquet/international night next month!

I feel like maybe I alienate people sometimes to make them avoid talking to me so that's going to end hah.

My friends have been awesome recently it's just like... IDK.  I wish my family was more positive.  There's a lot of negativity all the time and I don't like it.

I just want to find out what schools I get into ahhh.  Although I have a few things to look forward to.

Jen's Party: 4 Days
Inauguration: 7 Days
Senior Banquet: 24 Days
Trip to Oneonta: 36 Days
Quizbowl Trip to Boston: 59 Days
PAC Trip to DC: Sometime in April
Quizbowl Trip to DC: Sometime in June