The second day of school and i'm already feeling like crap......i didn't go in today i was in pain cuz i was doin so much painting...damn the Scare Brothers...it'll be worth it in the end though
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I'm so bored and tired and i feel icky blah....I saw Chris and Nicole at BVM the other night it was pretty cool at least I had someone to talk to. anyway i'll start updating again I promise. tootles!
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clay food....yummy and oh so poisonus

i had to make food for the burger palace scene in 'Grease' and my dog ate one of the fries...it was yellow clay...i hope she's ok...shes a fucking dumass she is...anyhoo i still have to make hamburger and hotdog rolls.... stupid assignment....god can you believe its tomorrow? i can't...
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Ok so i'm thinking...why is it that things (or lack there of) happen to me all the time...well i mean i know that something has to happen or nothing will ever happen but still...there has to be a reason that i have this crappy luck right?....right?.....i'm just sick of it, everything...i'm sick of it all mostly the way I feel about Chris...I shouldn't feel this way about him...but I do and I can't help it have you ever loved somebody so much that it makes you cry so hard and you know that no matter what you do you'll never be good enough for them and everyone tells you that they don't deserve you and your too good for them even though you know its not true. Sometimes I think that it might be better if we didn't have any emotions even if we wouldn't get a chance to feel all those good things
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tra la la la

my birthday was thursday...it was cool beans....i got so much cool shit and i still have more coming from my mom...she said the stuff she got me didn't get here yet... anyway its like almost 5 am amd i'm soooo tired...i haven't slept in so long i got a new game for x box yesterday when i was at the mall Alias ya know like the show its fuckin sweet...ok well anyway i'm tired and i wanna go to sleep plus i gotta pee so whatever i promise i'll update more then i have been (not like anyone accualy cares lol) its just my lil sis is having problems again and stuff so i've been workin to try and and raise money for her opperation its like in a week i think and i hope mom and i will have enough cuz out insurence is really evil....anyway to bed i go sweet dreams!

Broken Yellow Crayons,
Little Willow
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ok the school is stupid i got suspended for a day cuz my teacher said he doesn't remember writing me a note to go to the library only he did...he's pretty stupid if you ask me cuz i got a note from him and now the dean is saying that i forged his signature....there fucktards......anyway i went to The Casualties concert tonight...i couldn't find anyone though i think i might have seen Augie I dunno...it coulda been someone else it rocked....but i'm still pissed at what happened i shouln't have been suspended for something that i didn't do.
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prom is evil

i can't find a date to the jr prom but there is a plus side...at least i'm not getting crayons thrown at me for asking people...could be cuz i only asked one person so far....lol i really really wanna ask Chris if he'll go with me but just ya know as friends cuz i know we'll never be anything more so anyway its not that i'm afraid to ask him...i'm just afraid that Chris will say no...anyhoo i found this really pretty dress but i dunno if i'm getting it cuz my aunts neighbor said that she would make me that really pretty Corcet dress that Amber Benson wore in Once more with feeling (fuck yeah!) i really wanna go to jr prom but i promised myself that i wouldn't go by myself and be the 'loser sitting alone by the punch bowl' *sigh* well i suppose i'll have to get up the courage to ask him...this self confidence thing is workin pretty good for me......lol (inside joke)
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random thoughts of the day....

doesn't conforming to the non conformests make you a conformest all over again?

did you know that antidisastlibishmentairesm is really just astlibishmentairesm because the 'anti' and the 'dis' cancle eachother out...

Cheerleaders are never seen alone...you always see them in groups of 2 or more...

I sometimes can unconcously draw an entire picture perfectly

shouldn't the joke start out with Why did the squirll cross the road instead of Why did the chicken cross the road? cuz how many times have you seen run over chickens...i mean really.

why do some animals have wings if they can't fly?

do dogs talk to eachother in some sort of barking code?

are all male cats metrosexuals?

why the hell am i thinking theese odd things?

how much is a peck of peppers anyway...

i annoy myself sometimes

i want candy...hum...that reminds me i need to give Candi her sweater back

why do we have to pay for tokens to get to school when most of us dont want to go in the first place...jr. highs get them free

whoever invented math is evil and must be stopped before that person corrupts us with evil scary math equasions

the person who invented the pizza box should have patened it...they'd be loaded

who was the moron who decided to pull on a cows utters and drink whatever came out...cuz i know i'm weird but whoever had that thought first...i think may be a bit screwy

Wiccans are real missy and there not evil either....~mumbles~ bitch ~mumbles~

i'm bored...is anyone else bored....hey i remember when i used to have that Nickiloden Bordem Buster Kit when i was like 10...that was an odd thing....heh...oh i want a cappicuno!
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booga booga!

blah...ever just have one of those days...i have....and lemmie tell you its not fun...are anyone else's feet cold?
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