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[ mood | peeved ]


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Tears tears tears... [06 Mar 2006|06:43pm]
[ mood | tearful ]

My granny saw straight through what i was thinking and feeling tonight it was weird.

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[24 Nov 2005|07:51pm]
no-one updates but its all good.
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Wowee!!! [21 Oct 2005|01:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

The Subways was last night and it was not how i expected it. I expected no jumping or anything but there was heaps and crowd surfing and the dude was hanging from the ceiling and crowd surfed too. We got squished. The support band The Kooks were damn good too the guitarist reminded me off kyle which kinda freaked me out but hey ho! David's different than what i remember him to be like. Anyhoo to sum up it was a fantastic gig!!!

*dont waste your time on me your already the voice inside my head*

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[19 Oct 2005|08:10pm]
RoseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseRoseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseRoseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseRoseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseRoseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroseroserose SOMEONE HAS YOUR PIMP JACKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I bet you look good on the dance floor!!! [19 Oct 2005|07:42pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Sara said that to me and now i keep hearing the song. Reuben were fan-fucking-tastic per usual i intented hanging out with kay but i ended up spending a lot of the time with rose at the gig and mairi before the gig which is always fun. Before the gig we went to marks and sparks bought some grapes and strawberries and a cool guy served me he had flesh tunnels it sounded like i patronised him cause i called his minis woopsie so we walked and ate grapes. The bassist from mcfly Dougie i think (im sure rose will correct me if im wrong) has nice hair and flesh tunnels and is good looking i know i didnt think it was possible. THE SUBWAYS TOMORROW!!!

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Thats the spirit... [11 Oct 2005|07:57pm]
...of what...the horse
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[11 Oct 2005|07:54pm]
Have you ever been to the north pole?

You big polar bear you!

*phewuuuw giggles with a hee hee*
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I don't understand some people [10 Oct 2005|07:58pm]
this is a piss take. I keep saying neddy things. Maybe im turning into one that would be o-so-funny. Reuben on saturday. Shall be fun woth everyone there!
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READY....STEADY.....COOK!!! [26 Sep 2005|08:18pm]
If you watch read steady cook for long enough you can find emos in the crowd.

*im gonna shack my ass and move my feet*
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Oh god ive missed you!!! [26 Sep 2005|07:58pm]
[ mood | cold ]

I never realised how much i love my pink hat until i put it on for the first time in months. Its damn groovy! Anyhoo my ex auntie came into my work today and invites me to my brothers 21st birthday meal but i made up some excuse and said i had a gig to go to. Which would be true if my brothers birthday was tomorrow. I don't like the way my brother blanks his blood relatives but sticks to the exes of the family. Its crap. Plus it would be super weird (thats right i said super) I have to give him a birthday card when he doesnt give me one how does that work. He doesnt even give me money at christmas. I mean come on. Going to INME tomorrow shall be fun!

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Reubens new album! Hooray!!! [18 Sep 2005|07:48pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Yesterday was a whole year! Cooper the 17th the little hedgehog.

Today i was in Aberdeen it was much fun! We went jacket shopping for moi and i got a new jacket and its green like my old one but its better cause it has stuff on it. Bought Reubens new album which is so far fantabulous and also bought reuben gig tickets GET THEM SOON THEY MAY RUN OUT!!! GO! GO! GO! Erm so yeah we saw lewis, one of philip's skater friends. He seems nice. They do a little handshake. Anyhoo i had fun with PHILIP we waundered and went to see heaps of skating rails which is always good!

I heart Philip!
I heart Reubens new album!

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Hey Hey Hey!!! [14 Sep 2005|07:57pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

The art thing was really fun apart from it was absolutly freezing. Mairi's got voted the BEST, so proud. The dude was really cool i think his name is andrew, he has an exibition in londen right now how cool would that be. Aparently i did i skate trick today but on my feet. Heh how good am i. Edinburgh-foot skating that was fun. PC BOW!

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BABY SHAMBLES!!! [12 Sep 2005|08:05pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

Oh heck yes they are coming to aberdeen. Oh i have decided i want to do first year studies at Edinburgh College of Art i wonder how long that idea will last for. It sounds good cause you get to do a bit of everything and then progress to your specialist subject. THIS PLACE SUCKS!!! ENGLISH SUCKS!!!

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Sara [08 Sep 2005|08:39pm]
sara, i need to talk to sara. In person its not that exciting but still. I will probably talk to you on monday.
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Ach awa and shite! haha [05 Sep 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I cant believe i missed el presidente playing at free in the dee i loooooooooove that band their so cool. AND I MISSED THEM. ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!

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Heylo!!! [05 Sep 2005|08:03pm]
[ mood | creative ]

A'up! I was on a geography trip today it was indeed fun. Fell down some holes collected stones oh i was at the beach in lossiemouth by the way. We did like an hours work had lunch for an hour and a half, went to the main part of lossie ate and ice-cream had a half an hour break sat on a duck(or a chicken. I threw my purse at dennis but he didnt notice then i threw it at chris 'cause he was in a daydream and he shit himself. It was funny. Bus back home was boring.

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mmm chocolate digestives.... [01 Sep 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | peeved ]

A'up. As you may be able to tell i just ate chocolate digestives they get a bit sickning after you've had a few. I say few.... There is so many gigs i want to go to in the months of november october and there is another month i swear. Sara is ill. GET WELL SOON!!!

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Sean McGee [29 Aug 2005|08:25pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Well there was an accident on a 12 storey car park in aberdeen and Sean McGee was doing a skate trick or something and he fell, one of his friends grabbed his hand but he couldnt hold on any longer and he fell to his death. I didn't even know him i just seen him when he was working in elementz but it still saddens me. He seemed like a really cool and friendly guy. Its kinda shocking you don't expect that to happen to a young guy he was only 19. It sucks. He had his whole life ahead of him.

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This place sucks!!! [29 Aug 2005|08:18pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

Damn i love i.d.i.o.t its a damn cool dvd. Feeder on friday night at crathes castle was ace fun! They were damn cool. there was this bride there and she got ditched at the altar apparently but im not sure if she was telling the truth. to sum up it was fanfuckingtastic in kays words.

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