continuing fiction


"That's pretty much all I got." Ashley said shrugging.

"Right." Said Dylan from the side of the stage. "Guess it's my turn. Ok boys; Time to see who really does have the biggest one in the room" he continued, dragging his large gun case to the podium.

Dylan stood the case up on its end and cracked it open like a large book. He withdrew a small pistol from one of the neatly moulded slots filled with perfectly fitted weapons.

"Ok, this is a standard 9mm pistol. It's produced by Sabre Armaments and it's got the stopping power of a pea-shooter." he quipped whilst handling the weapon like some kind of child's toy "This is the pistol that CPD will be equipping you guys with. But don't worry about it becuase CPD doesn't expect you to ever fire one of these."

"Now that's not entirely true," Ashley said from side stage, "Increasingly the CPD has been performing the armed response duties normally assigned to City Defence."

"CPD is a joke. CDF is the real armed force in the City. Now a real gun," Dylan smirked as he turned back to the case, drawing an exact copy of the pistols holstered in Ashley's shoulder-brace and at his hip. "Is a T4 Accelerated Pistol, also by Sabre Armaments. It fires a hybrid accelerated 14mm slug. A small battery powers the short rail magnetic accelerator that augments the regular explosive firing mechanism. It gives it the stopping power of a shotgun in a nice compact pistol with very little recoil."

"Wouldn't that mean that it tends to be fatal?" one of the recruits asked.

"Yes... that's kinda the point. Why shoot someone you don't want dead?"

"Isn't it CPD regulation to shoot to incapacitate for the purposes of arrest" a woman in the front row chimed in.

"That's why I like being a contracted agent. It's not our responsibility to meet with ridiculous CPD regulations. Anyway... as I said, the T4AP has the stopping power of a shotgun, which brings me to my secondary weapon on a job." Dylan returned the pistol to the case and withdrew an elegantly shaped short shotgun and a small headset. He twisted the headset over his head, it had a small felt pad that with the tension of the head band held it to his head. On the other side it featured a small earpiece and an elongated stalk with a translucent eyepiece on the end.

"This is has a Heads Up Display that connects with our GPS transponders and displays locations in real time. It also links with these two transceivers on the barrel of the gun, giving me a very accurate targeting reticle even when shooting from the hip on the run." Dylan pointed to tall small nubs on the uderside of the shotgun's barrel.

"The gun itself is a Corsair Manufactured Assault Shotgun. You load it with a clip like a rifle and the gun will function like a really slow automatic weapon. Great for close quaters or if you really need to lay down some fire on the run."

"Thought you were a sniper..." a young man in the back called out.

"Yes. And that's what I'm getting to. God. Boys and their wang envy."

To be continued...


My Magic the Gathering related geekiness has just reached an all new plateau. I spent the first half of this weekend tuning up and sorting through all the deck's I've created and putting them into individual boxes and labelling them clearly... There's 48 different themed decks.

I'm such a geek.
Ryan Booze

Bored... Tired... Something else?

Dunno... in a bit of a funk today. Have been most of the day, but it was accentuated when I got home and found out I'd picked up a speeding camera fine a couple of weeks ago.

Wayne needed me to follow him to the car-sound place to drop off his car, and whilst following him we both got done for speeding. I was in a foul mood about it (especially seeing as how I didn't wanna go out there in the first place in peak-hour traffic and it cost me petrol and time for no pay-off for me at all. When I found out I'd also picked up a $200 fine whilst driving behind Wayne I fired off a fairly cranky message bitching about it to him.

So, once he got home he was pissed off with me for overreacting to the fine... He's still giving me the silent treatment even though I appologised for being snarky... Probably because he felt guilted into offering to pay my fine (which is very sweet of him) but he is now out $400 seeing as he was the one I was following and he was doing the same speed.

So yeah. Now I'm in a mopey mood. very "meh" about everything.
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Some more fiction...


Ashley stopped talking for a second and looked up from his hastily prepared notes, suddenly realising he didn't have much material in front of him. "Um. Are there any questions?"

The recruits looked at each other for a moment before a woman in the front row finally raised her hand. "What's with the vests?"

Ashley looked down at his clothes as if seeing them for the first time, "Oh. Um, well. They're kevlar lined leather vests." he started, running a finger around the high collar of his top. "So they're extremely stab and bullet wound resistant." Ashley paused for a second, "... Plus... I dunno, I think they look pretty hot." A titter of laughter arose at that comment.

"Very hot!" Dylan chimed in from stage right.

A bright red flush suddenly tinted Ashleys ears a much darker shade and he coughed to cover his embarrasment. "Um. Another question perhaps?"

One of the younger men among the recruits chimed in helpfully, "What kind of equipment do you guys use?"

Ashley breathed a quick little sigh of relief. "Sure! Ok. Um. In this pocket is a GPS transponder... uh, this thing is kinda like a pocket computer. It can sync up with my GPS and Dylan's so I can track where we are." He looked up from his assortment of pockets and satchels "Um, it's very important for pat members to know each other's location at any time while on a mission." he said in as informative a tone as he could muster. He returned to pointing to his pockets, "This is just a radio... um. This is my CPD contractor badge, obviously gun, gun... aaand I keep ammo in these pockets." He looked up again at the recruits. "That's pretty much all I got." he said shrugging.

"Right." Said Dylan from the side of the stage. "Guess it's my turn. Ok boys; Time to see who really does have the biggest one in the room" he continued, dragging his large gun case to the podium.

To be continued...

Some fiction...

Ashley stood in front of the podium wearing his full set of combat gear and looked out somewhat nervously at the crowd of recruits assembled in front of him.

"Um, Hi everyone. I'm Ashley and this is my partner Dylan," he gestured to his similarly equipped partner who was sitting on a large gun case to the left of the slightly raised dias. "We're contracted agents working for City Police Department, and today our handler has asked us to talk to you about Paired Assault Teams."

Dylan gave the room of recruits a sarcastic looking thumbs up with an oversized grin, then resumed picking at the corners of his fingernails in an absent fashion.

After shooting Dylan a quick glance of annoyance, Ashley resumed his clearly prepared remarks, "The success of P.A.Ts or "pats" in recent years have led to an increased demand to place new recruits," Ashley took a moment to look up at the assembled group, "Like you guys...to. um. Into this role... Ahem." He flipped through the cards sitting in front of him on the podium.

"Ah, Ok. So most of you who move into pats will work differently to other existing pats based on your skills, history or special strengths. Dylan for example spent 5 years with the City Defence Force working as a sniper, so he mostly works in a long range support role."

One of the recruits raised his hand and called out to Ashley, "Hey um... when you said "We" would be talking to us, did that include your partner there? Or is he gunna sit there the whole time an' say nothin'?"

Dylan leant towards Ashley and whispered loudly "Tell them that CPD recruits sicken me." which he followed up with a wide grin and yet another thumbs up to the assembled recruits.

"Uh. He's shy." Ashley explained tactfully. "Myself, I was a track and field man in school. High Jump, Long Jump, Middle and short distance running... So we work really well together. I get in really close and I can chase down the bad guys, and I know I've got Dylan here watching my back with a rifle from across the street or in the rafters."

Ashley stopped talking for a second and looked up from his hastily prepared notes, suddenly realising he didn't have much material in front of him. "Um. Are there any questions?"

... To be continued.
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some more art.

Drew this a little while ago, but I really like it. The character has a lot of potential, but so far I'm not really sure what kinda story or history he has or will be involved in. I just like him. :)


Some more art!

Just uploaded this pic at Deviant Art. (http://litho.deviantart.com)

I'm really pretty happy with this one :)

It's got that more finished feel my art gets when I take a couple of days and draw it more slowly, focusing on getting the anatomy right and making sure I'm happy with it all the way through. Unlike when I rush through and I get sloppy :P

So here it is!

Catch y'all later.

PS just watched Night at the Museum 2. It was pretty good. No masterpiece of theatre, but generally pretty enjoyable. Hank Azaria (spelling?) made the movie for me. :)

deviant hotlinks?

So the thought occurs, can you hotlink into a deviant art deviation?

If so I can happily cross post them here. If not then it's a pain to ftp them to some webspace then link to that. :P

So, here goes nuthin!

Uploaded this a couple of days ago. along with some other stuff: http://litho.deviantart.com/ hope that worked!

Music is interesting.

So I'm listening to this song called To Build a Home.

It reminds me of an earlier time in my life. One that I miss, but I don't really ever want to experience again. It was simpler. But empty. I'm pretty sure I can categorise it clearly as "Before I met Wayne"

Sure I was at Uni, didn't have the pain in the ass of a job or the monetary hole in the ground that is home-owner ship; my time was my own and everything was so much easier and so simple. But for all the complications and demands on me now... I'm happy.

Music is interesting. Really good music can make you FEEL. Even if it takes you a while to figure out what those feelings are.

You should listen to the song.

- Litho.
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Good versus Evil Deviant Art competition

Hey everybody!

I've gone and tried really hard and made an entry for a deviant art competition... After looking briefly through all the other entries I feel utterly inferior and have no hope of winning... but All the same, I'm happy with my entry.

If you have a deviant art account, go check it out (and +fav it! There's another prize for the person with the most favs) If you don't have one... Go look at it anyway. And then make an account so you can fav it :)


Look at everyone else's entries too, there's some phenomenal art there... As I said, I feel utterly inferior.

Anyway. Fingers crossed.

EDIT: Don't fav it till after the 29th! the favs only count between the 29th of May and the 4th of June.
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