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Posting to lj from my ipad!

Posting to lj from my ipad!

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Apparently theres no actual ipad app for lj, but there isan iphone one that seems to work ok.

It is a little challenging to type on the iphone style keyboard rather than the pad version so I'll be keeping brief when i post using it.

I've been reading a series of books recently by an author named Jordan Castillo Price, they're great, easy to read page turners with a gay protagonist that aren't just angsty coming out stories about whiners. I suggest if you're in the market for a decent story starring gay characters you check them out!

You can get them from amazon or from jordan's site: www.psycop.com (they're about a psychic detective... Forgot to mention that.)

Anyway, i drew jordan a pic of the two main characters which is here:

Drew it entirely on the ipad, so I'm pretty proud of the results. Not as good as i could manage with a scanner and wacom tablet and photoshop, but pretty neat considering.

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