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I tend to be pretty quiet on LJ lately...

I tend to be pretty quiet on LJ lately...

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Ryan Booze
But I do feel the need to vent or generally say something every now and then:

My Grandma died today.

My Grandad died only a couple of months previously. Grandma took it pretty hard (as you do) but really seemed to recover and focus on rebuilding her life. Seems unfair that she should go so quickly after she had pulled it all together so well. Hell, she was planing on a trip overseas and even got travel insurance.

Anyway, I'm fine, but I'm pretty sure that my Mum is taking it pretty hard. It can't be easy to loose both your parents so close together and so suddenly on both fronts. I'm really worried for her.

So yeah. There's the update.

  • It's quite a common thing for a spouse to follow another. Widow(er) deaths are 1.4x more likely. They call it death by grief.

    I'm sure your mom will be OK. It was hard enough losing one of parents before 50, but at least your grandparents lived a long life.
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