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Weird boredom.

Weird boredom.

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Ryan Booze
So I'm always wishing I had time to draw or write. But I never seem to have time around work, house-work and my various other time consuming hobbies (video games, TV, Magic, etc)

At the moment I don't have any games that are actually interesting me in any significant way. So I usually have a few hours when I get home of an evening that is not really taken up like it used to be. I'm dissatisfied because I'm bored, but I'm too tired from spending the whole day at work to actually do the drawing or writing I want to do. When I try to, I get frustrated because I'm all tired and I'm shitty at concentrating.

So I'm like... Weirdly bored. Bored with plenty of time to do the things I always wish I had time to do, but no energy or concentration to do them.
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