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continuing fiction

continuing fiction

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"That's pretty much all I got." Ashley said shrugging.

"Right." Said Dylan from the side of the stage. "Guess it's my turn. Ok boys; Time to see who really does have the biggest one in the room" he continued, dragging his large gun case to the podium.

Dylan stood the case up on its end and cracked it open like a large book. He withdrew a small pistol from one of the neatly moulded slots filled with perfectly fitted weapons.

"Ok, this is a standard 9mm pistol. It's produced by Sabre Armaments and it's got the stopping power of a pea-shooter." he quipped whilst handling the weapon like some kind of child's toy "This is the pistol that CPD will be equipping you guys with. But don't worry about it becuase CPD doesn't expect you to ever fire one of these."

"Now that's not entirely true," Ashley said from side stage, "Increasingly the CPD has been performing the armed response duties normally assigned to City Defence."

"CPD is a joke. CDF is the real armed force in the City. Now a real gun," Dylan smirked as he turned back to the case, drawing an exact copy of the pistols holstered in Ashley's shoulder-brace and at his hip. "Is a T4 Accelerated Pistol, also by Sabre Armaments. It fires a hybrid accelerated 14mm slug. A small battery powers the short rail magnetic accelerator that augments the regular explosive firing mechanism. It gives it the stopping power of a shotgun in a nice compact pistol with very little recoil."

"Wouldn't that mean that it tends to be fatal?" one of the recruits asked.

"Yes... that's kinda the point. Why shoot someone you don't want dead?"

"Isn't it CPD regulation to shoot to incapacitate for the purposes of arrest" a woman in the front row chimed in.

"That's why I like being a contracted agent. It's not our responsibility to meet with ridiculous CPD regulations. Anyway... as I said, the T4AP has the stopping power of a shotgun, which brings me to my secondary weapon on a job." Dylan returned the pistol to the case and withdrew an elegantly shaped short shotgun and a small headset. He twisted the headset over his head, it had a small felt pad that with the tension of the head band held it to his head. On the other side it featured a small earpiece and an elongated stalk with a translucent eyepiece on the end.

"This is has a Heads Up Display that connects with our GPS transponders and displays locations in real time. It also links with these two transceivers on the barrel of the gun, giving me a very accurate targeting reticle even when shooting from the hip on the run." Dylan pointed to tall small nubs on the uderside of the shotgun's barrel.

"The gun itself is a Corsair Manufactured Assault Shotgun. You load it with a clip like a rifle and the gun will function like a really slow automatic weapon. Great for close quaters or if you really need to lay down some fire on the run."

"Thought you were a sniper..." a young man in the back called out.

"Yes. And that's what I'm getting to. God. Boys and their wang envy."

To be continued...
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