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Bored... Tired... Something else?

Bored... Tired... Something else?

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Ryan Booze
Dunno... in a bit of a funk today. Have been most of the day, but it was accentuated when I got home and found out I'd picked up a speeding camera fine a couple of weeks ago.

Wayne needed me to follow him to the car-sound place to drop off his car, and whilst following him we both got done for speeding. I was in a foul mood about it (especially seeing as how I didn't wanna go out there in the first place in peak-hour traffic and it cost me petrol and time for no pay-off for me at all. When I found out I'd also picked up a $200 fine whilst driving behind Wayne I fired off a fairly cranky message bitching about it to him.

So, once he got home he was pissed off with me for overreacting to the fine... He's still giving me the silent treatment even though I appologised for being snarky... Probably because he felt guilted into offering to pay my fine (which is very sweet of him) but he is now out $400 seeing as he was the one I was following and he was doing the same speed.

So yeah. Now I'm in a mopey mood. very "meh" about everything.
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