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Some more fiction...

Some more fiction...

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Ashley stopped talking for a second and looked up from his hastily prepared notes, suddenly realising he didn't have much material in front of him. "Um. Are there any questions?"

The recruits looked at each other for a moment before a woman in the front row finally raised her hand. "What's with the vests?"

Ashley looked down at his clothes as if seeing them for the first time, "Oh. Um, well. They're kevlar lined leather vests." he started, running a finger around the high collar of his top. "So they're extremely stab and bullet wound resistant." Ashley paused for a second, "... Plus... I dunno, I think they look pretty hot." A titter of laughter arose at that comment.

"Very hot!" Dylan chimed in from stage right.

A bright red flush suddenly tinted Ashleys ears a much darker shade and he coughed to cover his embarrasment. "Um. Another question perhaps?"

One of the younger men among the recruits chimed in helpfully, "What kind of equipment do you guys use?"

Ashley breathed a quick little sigh of relief. "Sure! Ok. Um. In this pocket is a GPS transponder... uh, this thing is kinda like a pocket computer. It can sync up with my GPS and Dylan's so I can track where we are." He looked up from his assortment of pockets and satchels "Um, it's very important for pat members to know each other's location at any time while on a mission." he said in as informative a tone as he could muster. He returned to pointing to his pockets, "This is just a radio... um. This is my CPD contractor badge, obviously gun, gun... aaand I keep ammo in these pockets." He looked up again at the recruits. "That's pretty much all I got." he said shrugging.

"Right." Said Dylan from the side of the stage. "Guess it's my turn. Ok boys; Time to see who really does have the biggest one in the room" he continued, dragging his large gun case to the podium.

To be continued...
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