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Some fiction...

Some fiction...

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Ashley stood in front of the podium wearing his full set of combat gear and looked out somewhat nervously at the crowd of recruits assembled in front of him.

"Um, Hi everyone. I'm Ashley and this is my partner Dylan," he gestured to his similarly equipped partner who was sitting on a large gun case to the left of the slightly raised dias. "We're contracted agents working for City Police Department, and today our handler has asked us to talk to you about Paired Assault Teams."

Dylan gave the room of recruits a sarcastic looking thumbs up with an oversized grin, then resumed picking at the corners of his fingernails in an absent fashion.

After shooting Dylan a quick glance of annoyance, Ashley resumed his clearly prepared remarks, "The success of P.A.Ts or "pats" in recent years have led to an increased demand to place new recruits," Ashley took a moment to look up at the assembled group, "Like you guys...to. um. Into this role... Ahem." He flipped through the cards sitting in front of him on the podium.

"Ah, Ok. So most of you who move into pats will work differently to other existing pats based on your skills, history or special strengths. Dylan for example spent 5 years with the City Defence Force working as a sniper, so he mostly works in a long range support role."

One of the recruits raised his hand and called out to Ashley, "Hey um... when you said "We" would be talking to us, did that include your partner there? Or is he gunna sit there the whole time an' say nothin'?"

Dylan leant towards Ashley and whispered loudly "Tell them that CPD recruits sicken me." which he followed up with a wide grin and yet another thumbs up to the assembled recruits.

"Uh. He's shy." Ashley explained tactfully. "Myself, I was a track and field man in school. High Jump, Long Jump, Middle and short distance running... So we work really well together. I get in really close and I can chase down the bad guys, and I know I've got Dylan here watching my back with a rifle from across the street or in the rafters."

Ashley stopped talking for a second and looked up from his hastily prepared notes, suddenly realising he didn't have much material in front of him. "Um. Are there any questions?"

... To be continued.
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