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Some more art!

Some more art!

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Just uploaded this pic at Deviant Art. (http://litho.deviantart.com)

I'm really pretty happy with this one :)

It's got that more finished feel my art gets when I take a couple of days and draw it more slowly, focusing on getting the anatomy right and making sure I'm happy with it all the way through. Unlike when I rush through and I get sloppy :P

So here it is!

Catch y'all later.

PS just watched Night at the Museum 2. It was pretty good. No masterpiece of theatre, but generally pretty enjoyable. Hank Azaria (spelling?) made the movie for me. :)
  • So what's in the coffee table book Coffee Table Book? Large pictures of other coffee table books? Or pictures of coffee, tables, and books?

    -The Gneech
    • It's actually a reference to the sienfeld coffee table book about coffee tables. Kramer came up with the idea.

      (From Wikipedia):"Kramer claims that he was skiing when he first had the idea. Throughout the season, his quest to get the book published becomes a running gag, and, although Elaine is portrayed as disliking the idea, Pendant Publishing decides to publish it ... The book itself was full of pictures of celebrities' coffee tables."

      Couldn't think of anything particularly neutral to have as a coffee table book, so I thought I'd make an amusing little reference that I'd probably be the only person to get :) It's funny, I never really liked sienfeld either, strange that that one factoid stayed with me. :)
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