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Good versus Evil Deviant Art competition

Good versus Evil Deviant Art competition

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Hey everybody!

I've gone and tried really hard and made an entry for a deviant art competition... After looking briefly through all the other entries I feel utterly inferior and have no hope of winning... but All the same, I'm happy with my entry.

If you have a deviant art account, go check it out (and +fav it! There's another prize for the person with the most favs) If you don't have one... Go look at it anyway. And then make an account so you can fav it :)


Look at everyone else's entries too, there's some phenomenal art there... As I said, I feel utterly inferior.

Anyway. Fingers crossed.

EDIT: Don't fav it till after the 29th! the favs only count between the 29th of May and the 4th of June.
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