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Ravishing Aphrodisiac

Aesthetically Pleasing

Lisa Turpin
8 November
My parents are divorced. My father is a work-aholic, and is barely ever home. My mother is a muggle, and has decided that being a witch makes me 'filthy'; she used to constantly contemplate disowning me. Then she did. I have not spoke with her since. But I am wondering how she is doing.
I am in the Ravenclaw house, though I doubt I'm as smart as most of the rest of the house. I've drank enough in my day to be short of the brain cells it takes to be a Ravenclaw. Plus, I used to have a tie in with illegal pain kills. That's life. One fuck up fucks you up for good.
Oh well. Aside from that, I have a great group of people around me, though you'll seldom hear me admit to this.