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Autumnal Dreams...

Real life fairytales...

3 December 1988
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Hello and welcome to _liquidsky, the home to winter_serenity's fannish musings.

My current obsession is Final Fantasy VII, but I'll get plot bunnies from other fandoms from time to time. I've written for Legend of Zelda, Pirates of the Caribbean, Phantom of the Opera, Loveless, Doctor Who, and Final Fantasy X (and X-2) so far.

I'm sure, if you've read my writings, you've noticed a recurring theme. Oft times, I introduce original characters to the stories. I love creating a person and seeing how the other characters interact with them. Well, that and I love the challenge of making a well-rounded human being (usually human, that is) from nothing. I enjoy taking an idea or an aspect of someone's personality and forming a whole character from that!

In any case, like me or hate me, request or detest at your behest! Drop me a line and, of course, happy reading!

Flux - a collection of random one-shots revolving around Cloud and Evalie (post-Advent Children)

Slow Fade series
Trifles - a series of somewhat linear one-shots about Reno and Triss through their entire relationship (mid-Before Crisis through post-Advent Children)
A Year - Reno has a girl. Reno's girl is having a baby. You know what they say, "A lot can happen in a year." (post-DoC)