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she wants to breathe.

tracy lynn
19 February
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She closes her eyes as she slowly drifts to sleep and waits for him to arrive in her dreams. Her eyes fall closed and she turns to her side, where he used to sleep, and she starts to cry. He's gone for a while, but it won't be forever, sooner or later, they'll be together. She holds onto the memories and dreams for the day when he'll be back from so far away. She cries in the night and wishes him home, but just for right now...he's out of her reach...he's gone. He comes back for a visit, and she flies into his arms, she missed moments like this, when they were so far apart. He leaves again and she just about dies, this girl without him, she always cries.

16.taken.Karns City.Moniteau Jr. Sr. High School.Blonde.Blue Eyed Baby.Friendlyfun.

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