Lipgloss & Black (_lipglossblack_) wrote,
Lipgloss & Black

random act of kindness

So we were told by a customer of ours that she had sent us something in the mail a couple weeks ago... so I was kinda curious as to what was coming to us, but sorta forgot about it until it came in yesterday.

Sam was with me at the time and when I opened the package to reveal all of this:

All I could say was "OH MY GODDDDDDD" again & again & "THAT IS SOOOOOOOOO NICE".
I just couldn't believe that someone could be so kind and thoughtful to specifically order us 50 custom buttons! It's not just the monetary value, but also that she took the time to carefully design the buttons & make sure our store URL was on the edge. They're absolutely adorable.

The letter just told us how she thought we deserved it & that we're appreciated! "A thank you for all the clothes you've made for me (& everyone else)!"
I seriously could have just died. That was the nicest gift ever, especially since it's something to help us with our business. I'm pretty much happy with just that for Christmas! :)

So this is just a post from Samantha & I saying that we LOVE you, Krisha.
You are so completely sweet and thoughtful, your amazing gift will NOT be forgotten!
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