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Loki madness

Seriously folks, don't be fooled by his cute innocent demeanor...he's called Loki for a reason! Lately he's been getting used to me around and letting me handle him more and more. Today he learned that cage door opened means Loki can go out of the cage. I let him get about a few feet around, but he kept trying to run off! After helping himself to his bathhouse and running around my entire apartment in the giant plastic gladiator ball I have for him, he decided to be smart and con me into letting him climb on me. Once he was on top of me, he decided to jump and make a break for it. Luckily, I was able to catch him before he could run off! (I would let him run loose, but I still have too many hazards around and I need to Chin-proof my apt first)

Anyways, tomorrow I'm seeing Allan Jay Friedman again for the first time in over a month. Apparently there's some sort of surprise. I'm hoping that its, "Ariel, sorry for blowing you off for a month, how about you work with me and I'll pay you lots of money?". Perhaps there will be some celebrity at his place or something, which wouldn't surprise me considering this guy used to hang out with the Kennedys and Hugh Heffner (and still does).

Oh and still no word from MTV about Blackwater, but hopefully Romee can get in touch with her brother soon. I'd really love it if my first band on my label (I'd have one if MTV was interested) got free advertising from MTV.

DST sucks, I hate losing sleep :(
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I'm a daddy!

Introducing the newest Levi:

Loki Olivander Levi (L.O.L.)

He's fuzzy (like father like son!) and loves to hop and jump all over the place! And in case any of you were wondering what Loki is, he's a chinchilla. Tomorrow during lunch I'm gonna buy him some raisins and will start training him. Right now he's all disoriented and adjusting to his new surroundings. More pics will come later :)

Inner Peace

Nothing in the cry of cicadas suggests that they are about to die. ~Basho

This morning I found myself reading up on Taoist and Buddhist quotes. I started reading about the origin of Taiji (Tai Chi), and thought about how much out of center I am within myself. I decided to begin meditating daily, as well as start to exercise and train my body along with my mind. And now, with the warming of the weather, perhaps once a week I shall journey to the mountains and meditate there as well. I think one day I shall either live on a beach or on a mountain, for I love the sound and sight of moving water, and I love looking down at the world from a mountain's cliffs. I imagine that one day I will live next to both these things, for being around them brings me peace.

Heh, I just noticed through the reflection of my monitor onto a blank cd that the first word of the last 3 lines are: Live Love Live. Interesting...

Step out onto the Planet.
Draw a circle a hundred feet round.
Inside the circle are
300 things nobody understands, and maybe
nobody's ever seen.
How many can you find?
~Lew Welch
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orchestration job

So I met with Alan Jay Friedman on Tuesday and he is interested in having me orchestrate his songs for his upcoming broadway musicals. I'm meeting again with him Sunday and he's gonna give me 2 songs to work on to see if I am what he's looking for. Hopefully I am. I'd be working with some of the best orchestrators in the world, people that have been doing it for over 40 years for companies like MGM.

Is this my ticket in? I hope so!

I also randomly saw Paris Hilton at where I worked. Paper thin, but actually not bad looking in person. She was going to Warner Bros records, which is across from where I work (and also owned by my company).

And I passed by the house where OJ killed his exwife. Weird.
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Curse of the Golden Flower -- my review

So last night I went with my cousin, Jen, Steve, and Viv, to the Arclight Theater in Hollywood to see Curse of the Golden Flower. It was the first time I've ever been to the Arclight theater, which features assigned seating (I think ALL theaters should do this). Price of admission was 14 bucks, which was a little higher than most theaters in California. Overall it was worth having paid the extra money; their sound systems are INCREDIBLE. I was very pleased :)

The movie starred Chow Yun Fat, a Chinese martial arts legend in movies. He plays the emperor of China. This emperor not only has imperial guards, but NINJAS too. This movie had some of the best ninja fighting I've ever seen in a live action movie and seemed the most realistic too. Basically this whole movie started out slow, delving into the subplots of each character and it all leading to the main plot: No one in the royal family likes the emperor of China, except one of his sons. The empresses wishes to overthrow the emperor and make her favorite son emperor, so she gathers up an army secretly before the Festival of Chrysanthemums (Sp?).

What I got from this movie:
Don't mess with the Emperor, especially if your Emperor happens to be Chow Yun Fat.

Cool movie stuff:
Imagery. The backgrounds and set were by far the most colorful and decadent I have ever seen.

Pros: Watching Chow Yun Fat kick ass and be the man.
Cons: Slow beginning and the ending. Three letters came out of my mouth at the end: WTF?

Rating: 3.5 Chow Yun Fats out of 5

3am thoughts

When you fight yourself, who really wins?

Funny how people spend their whole lives doing this, and yet in the end, irregardless you will be victorious no matter what.

For an adult, life is the most complex puzzle box that cannot be solved.
For a child, life is the simplest puzzle box until the world makes you forget how to solve it.