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Cup Holders

-This post was written at 147 yesterday morning, but my cats decided the modem was a play toy and screwed my internet connection-

Whoever decided that cup holders in cards should be gear toward the can is an idiot.

It's 1:30am and I'm returning from dropping a friend off. I'm passing by a Pilot and think that a cappacino sounds lovely. I'm sadly addicted to gas station coffee, but only from Pilot or Weigels. The rest of them suck. Seriously. Suck/Fail.

Anyway, I go get my tasty hot drink and get back in my car. I place the cup in the cup holder, because I'm a literal person and in my mind cup holder = holder that will hold cups. Well,fuck that. As I'm turning out into the highway, the entire fucking beverage turns over. I was easing onto the road...there was no jack rabbit starting. My legs are covered in boiling liquid refreshment. I start cursing up a storm, because..well, fuck it's fucking hot and painful. I'm now at home, icing my something degree burned legs.

I would like to meet the guy who decided about the design of my cupholder in my car and punch him in the face.

Beginnings,Forks, and Ladles.

"There's a time when you can share and you hold hands and be on the same path. But there's always a fork in the road... at some point. And sometimes you have to go on one part of the fork and they gotta go on the other part of the fork. Or just down the back part of the fork while you go forward. And they're like *sigh* Or they got a salad fork and you have one of the big dinner forks and you have longer to go but they're like done because that's it, they're stuck on a piece of food, that they *sigh*. A desert fork or like one of those, you know small little shrimp forks or crab forks and you're trying to get out a crab. They're like that and you're over here jumping to the huge serving fork or something like that, or a ladle, you know. "

-Gerhardt, 28 Days
Rock Paper Scissors

OK seriously...

When did they change Halloween to National look like a whore day? Seriously, why is every single costume in every store tramptasstic? Anything remotely cute has been shortened so the entire world can see your ass or so low cut that you might as well just go outside in pasties and shorts...

It bothers me. No offense to anyone enjoys dressing up in some of the costumes,it's all gravy. I think some of them could be cute if they weren't pushed onto the bus to skankytown. I would just like some options!

I want to be able to go out and not get propositioned for a ride in someones car, thank you. Sure, some people like the costumes, cool beans. There just need to be some options for a little modesty. I can't exactly wear some of that stuff to work! I thought being a cop this year would be cute to show up to work in since i work for a security firm. Cute does not equal whore. No costume covered more than 13% of skin.

So, I wound up going as Muffy, the bad luck cat. I got my spark-ely ears, tail, collar all the normal cat jive and wore- not a miniskirt or bra ensemble like the packaging showed-but black leggings and a fitted black shirt. You wouldn't think that wearing clothes would be out of fashion...maybe I'm just an old fogey.

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What American accent do you have?
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Northern. Whether you have the world famous Inland North accent of the Great Lakes area, or the radio-friendly sound of upstate NY and western New England, your accent is what used to set the standard for American English pronunciation (not much anymore now that the Inland North sounds like it does).

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We're going to start with "cot" and "caught." When you say those words do they sound the same or different?