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I felt a strange sort of remorse leaving the Kokiri Forest, and I owe it all to my own actions .. when I broke the curse on the Forest Temple, it gave way to the Deku Tree Sprout coming to life at the roots of the elder Deku Tree. I spoke with it, and upon my doing so, I found out that I am not who I thought I was.

It turns out that I am not a Kokiri at all .. I am a Hylian. My mother died saving me, escaping the fires of the first war that ravaged this world between an alliance of Zora and Hylians against the Gerudos.

All of this distress has caused me to fall ill, and I find myself camped near the small lake leading to Zora's River, trying to sleep it off. I don't rest nearly enough - and the horrible air from Death Mountain Crater is not helping. However, I have no time for this. Sick or not, tomorrow I leave to seek out the next temple.. I'm thinking of heading to Darunia for advice, providing I can muster the energy to move.

Why is it that when the world falls down, it falls down all at once?
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I was devestated by the ruin of the Kokiri Forest .. however, I was moreso upset by the fact that none of my old friends remembered me. If you could have called them friends.. I looked everywhere for Saria, but I eventually learned that she had left to the Forest Temple, in the Sacred Forest Meadow.

It took me a long time to remember the pathway. The first time I went, I simply had to follow her Ocarina music, but now..

Outside of the shortcut to Zora's Domain, I was attacked. Being suprised, I pulled out my sword - only to see that my attacker came up to my knees.. it was Mido! I couldn't help at first recalling how rude he had once been to me, but the thought occured to me that surely HE would recognize me.. how could he forget someone he had tortured?

I tried to convince him I was Link.. but he didn't believe me. When I inquired about Saria, he was shocked that I knew her. However, when I played Saria's Song, he seemed to recognize me, and looked close to tears. He told me where she had gone, and showed me the rest of the way to the Forest Temple.

The boy in bandages appeared again.. Sheik. He taught me the Minute of Forest, and said some mysterious stuff, as per usual. I'm not sure what to think of him still. He doesn't seem all bad, but can I truly trust him? He disappeared without letting me get a word in edgewise.. so I simply went into the Forest Temple using the Hookshot.

It was terribly dark in there, and damp.. full of spiders and skeletons, those horrible Stalfos.. I had to pass through quite a few rooms before I came upon a sort of gallery, all with the same painting of a dark castle on a hill at night..

Suddenly, I thought I saw Ganon himself! However, he ripped off his mask to reveal a hideous phantom on a horse.. I realized I would never hit him with my sword, and upon a frantic inspection of the room, I found a bow on the wall.. I defeated Phantom Ganon with a few simple shots of the bow (though I missed a few times getting used to it.. it's not altogether unlike the slingshot, however).

Afterwards, I was transported to the Sacred Realm, where Saria was waiting.. She gave me the Forest Medallion, to add to my power. It was shocking to find out she was the Sage, but it also makes me glad that she's alive, and safe in the Sacred Realm.

I must rest now, I'm terribly weary from my journey the past two days.. I'm spending the evening in my old house.. commiting a sin in the name of the Crown Princess of Hyrule. Thank Farore she can't see me.
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I haven't seen her since I came back.

Came back. More like, 'was reborn'. I don't even know if she's still around, let alone alive. Have seven years really passed? Is she older, too? Why the hell can't I stop thinking about her?

Somehow I feel.. cheated. And how did I grow up, anyhow? I'm a Kokiri.. right? And now there's a young man in bandages following me around, which, to be honest, is a bit more than unnerving. He's too mysterious and elusive to be considered an ally yet.

I found a new weapon, called the hookshot, in a grave in Kakariko Village. It's a spring-loaded chain that I can use to pull myself forward. It's quite useful, though it took some getting used to. It was a bit scary at first.

Also: the young girl I met [seven years?] ago, Malon .. the ranch had been overthrown by that man named Ingo. Apparently he was under the control of Ganondorf .. I saved the ranch, however, and Ingo is back to normal - and in payment, Malon let me keep Epona. She's perfect for traversing the fields at a great speed.

All in all, I find myself distressed.

Where is the Princess?
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