because sometimes citrus has something to say

I've thought long and hard about what to say for my biography, and in the end decided to say nothing what so ever about myself. Actually, that says enough.
anime, annoying blonds, arguements, avoiding math by symmetry, back packing, being antisocial, biking, black and white photographs, bleeding hearts, bruises, burningman, camping, chocolate eggs, confessing, crashing friends' cars, cussing, dark matter, doodling in books, e&m, eye patches, feminism, fencing, flutes, food, friends, funny flavored lubricant, fuzz and fangs, fuzzy white bugs, gay pride, geeky red-heads, gore, green lawns, guns, handcuffs, head banging music, hiking, introverts, ipods, julia fractals, kung fu, mandelbrot set, manga, maraging steel, mashed potatoes, material science, midnight showings, miniatures, mirrors, muons, newer/better materials for you, newtonian and quantum mechanics, odd german words, oddly colored condoms, off roading, particle physics, photons, posing, pretending i know math, rats, running around scantily clad, saxophones, scary fish, sex, sin, sleeping, snake rings, spastic girlfriends, squirt guns, storm constantine, strange boyfriends, swords, sylvia plath, symbolism, tanith lee, tanks, trashy vampire fiction, unicorns and thorns, utena, whips, wolfsheim, writing