Delirium Tremens (_lily_was_here_) wrote,
Delirium Tremens

on Italy

Yesterday I was watching the "Eat Pray Love" (and don't ask me how I've fallen so low), but main character mentions the idea of Italian "dolce far niente" - "sweet doing nothing". And then it struck me! This "sweet idleness" is the reason my relationship with Italy never worked. But it really explains why Italians behave the way they do. No buses after 7pm or on Sunday - of course, "sweet idleness" is much better than driving! Boarder control guard doesn't even open our passports - well, don't see a reason not to be "sweetly idle" at work! Three strikes in 10 days (all in different places)- oh, sweet, sweet strike... You get the idea:) So, before you go to Italy, prepare yourself to truly admire the idea of "dolce far niente" - only then you will truly enjoy your Italian vacation :)
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