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HOT GOD - Yeah!

Моя первая операторская и режиссерская работа над клипом)
Поздравляю Hot God с запуском проекта!
New American music duo ‘Hot God’ started off with a scandal. The girls could not show their first ‘Yeah’ music video to the world as it was censored for featuring nudity and being too raunchy. ‘Yeah’ has been banned and removed from several famous sites like YouTube, Facebook, Google and Vimeo, making the band reschedule their video release initially planned for August, 28th. Girls had to put up with the restrictions and re-edit the video. Now there will be two versions of the video available, with the uncensored version featuring just one provocative scene.
HOT GOD - Yeah
Director and Cameraman: Lila Serezhkina
Codirector and Editor: Kadim Tarasov -"Chupacabra"
Dresses: Leonid Gurevich
Tags: video
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