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venting and vague.   
02:01pm 24/08/2007
mood: disappointed
I'm tired of wishy washy-ness.
I'm tired of people being shady.
I'm tired of being let down.
I'm tired of people being my friend on their own terms.

I'm sorry if you can't handle me.

But don't waste my time acting like you're really my friend.

I hate hate hate when people hide stuff from meeeeeeee.

Don't be afraid of me, just be honest.

I'm not perfect and neither are you.

It's like once you think you've found quality people, they all turn out to be the same.

I'm literally sick to my stomach.

I know, I know.
"Wah wah wah."

I'm done.

(Life is a blur)

11:41pm 28/06/2005
mood: relieved
I just did a massive LJ survivor.
Let me know if I made a mistake.
If you made the cut, be happy.
Because I'm deciding on letting a couple more of you go.

So basically, if you bring nothing to my table, you're clipped.

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11:43pm 23/05/2004

comment to be added.

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09:51am 11/03/2004
  i need some more/new livejournal friends.

if you know a cool person that i don't already have on my list .. tell me and I will add them.

Please make sure they are interesting. Thanks.
I think I may make this entry public.

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10:00am 12/01/2004
  My journal really isn't this boring; it's just friends only.  

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