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f a l l f r o m t h e s k y [ like a star ]

everything that i am.

4 August

if you want to
i can save you
i can take you away from here
so lonely inside
so busy out there
and all you wanted was somebody who cares

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[satoshi] STOLE my [sketchbook]

Naruto is unstoppable and inspirational Love

Edward Elric is short Love

1x2, accents, angst, anime, anime plushies, anti-homophobia, anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-war, archery, art, being w/ friends, bisexuality, bishonen, bishounen, blogging, books, boys with eyeliner, california, candles, candy, cds, communities, computers, cosplay, crossdressing, crying, crying in the rain, dance dance revolution, dancing, dancing in the rain, ddr, demon diary, doujinshi, dragons, drawing, dream logic, dreaming, dreams, editing my interests, emotions, equality, eyes, faeries, fanart, fanfiction, fanfictions, fangirling, fire, fluff, forums, freaking others out, free stuff, freeze dried ice cream, friends, fruits basket, gay rights, geek love, geeks, going out in rain, goo goo dolls, great teacher largo, het, ice skating, imagination, instant ramen, internet, internet quizzes, iruka, j-pop, jewelry, karaoke, l33t, laughing, lies, lord of the rings, love, love stories, magic, making icons, manga, medieval, meditation, megatokyo, memories, michelle branch, mouse pads, movies, mp3s, music, my interests list, naruto, nature, oasis, online quizzes, oreo-eating analysis, originality, palmpilots, permanent markers, photography, plushies, pocky, poetry, quizilla, quizzes, rain, ranma 1/2, ranting, risaxriku, saftey pins, satoshi/daisuke, sesshomaru, sharpies, shonen jump, shonen-ai, shopping, shoujo-ai, shounen-ai, siriusxremus, sitting on roofs, slash, snow days, socks, sporks, springfield mall, squirrels, talking to random people, tarot cards, tears, thirteen, three doors down, thrift stores, tokyopop, type-o's, vocabulary, walking in rain, waterfalls, web design, wicca, yaoi, yugi's hair, yuri, ,