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_like_snow's Journal

the only living girl in California.

Conor Oberst is Sweet Melodic Love

I live in Woodland, as all teenagers do, i wish to get out. I like retro style and being ladylike. The only time I ever feel pretty is when i wear pajamas. I read a lot and I think reading is sexy. There is nothing worse then someone who is purposfully ignorant. I hate tv and I hate sports. I think highschool is a waste of time. I'd like to got to Mills when I graduate in 2 years. When I leave home I will become a vegan, until then I am a mere vegitarian. A boy in my class calls me "hey veggie". I have a dog lucy that I love and I love going to the city and to the arthouses to see films. I like sensetive boys that look delicate and are soft spoken. I have very low self esteem, due to my "friends" making me feel bad. I have recently stopped talking unless it is dire. I adore pb&j sandwiches, Chuck Palahnuik books, left of center, taking pictures, retro clothing, peacoats, gingerbread anything, bright colors, diet coke, and flats.♥ Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com