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what said what to where now?

So I've recently switched over to a new blog that I'll be hopefully updating more than I ever update my LJ. If anyone is still interested in my life (and I have no idea why you would be) you can check it out: http://liisawith2eyes.blogspot.com/
wahoo! Look at me updating my LJ! :p

So I have no life (what else is new?) cause I'm back at school out in Provo. Spring semester means the campus is EMPTY and I'm only taking two classes that are still beating me to death (Statistics and Physics. Whoever invented that combination needs to die). I once again have a roommate named Sarah (#4) and one of my roomates is Ashley from Freshmen and Sophomore year! Crazy, huh? We had no idea we were going to be in the same apartment, but it's been so fun to hang out with her again.

My schedule of the week goes something like this:
Monday - class from 10 to 4 (sick), onto  FHE if I'm not feeling antisocial (most of the time I *am* feeling antisocial)
Tuesday - homework till class at 2, then I can waste time (or goto the gym and exercise) till 7 when "the Biggest Loser" is on and Ashley and I claim the TV (she got me hooked to the show, Season finale this week! AHH!)
Wednesday - class again from 10-4. Bum around, probably make another fanvid or watch reruns of "The Office"  or "Robin hood"
Thursday - homework again till class at 2. more bumming around (aka the gym) till 8 when "The Office" and "30 Rock" are on
Friday - It's sick to have classes on Friday, but once again I have class from 10-4 after which I am free to get in my car and go anywhere I want to go (unless I have an exam)

the weekend always has it's ups and downs. Last weekend I went to see Star Trek which changed my life completely (aka. it was amazing). This weekend  I'm going to be hanging out with Mariah (yay!) and Christina (yay!) and Matt (I'm taking him to see Star Trek, yay!). 

The good news about my life is that I'm not failing either of my classes yet (in fact I still have an A in both) but I take a Stats exam this week, so we'll see how long that lasts. Spring semester is only 6 weeks so it's going crazy fast and I have an exam every week. It's insane I tell you! I fight the insanity by making lots of fanvids ( here ) for Robin Hood. I guess it's my new substitute for fanfiction, since I don't write anymore.

Anywho, life is good and Provo hasn't changed very much at all. Let's go graduation in December of '10 !!! yay! (oh how pathetic is that number)

So much has actually been happening in my life....ergo, that's my excuse for not updating :p And since i have so much to update, I shall resort to my usual bullet points (not like anyone cares)

- So I got to go to Georgia again to visit Rachel (yay!) and of course it was so fun. The best part, though, was Rachel announcing that she was getting engaged (she was engaged to be engaged, so to speak) and she asked me to be her maid of honor! EEK! I was so excited! And, honestly, I was moved that she would ask me. I actually cried a bit, very honored that she thinks so highly of me, lol. But anyway, we spent most of the week discussing wedding plans and boys.Since I was having such a little "I-want-to-fall-in-love" episode, I asked her about being in love and all that. She's my first real, close friend to get married, so we were able to talk really  openly about it, which was great. And after talking to her, I can almost believe that the movie-star-pop-song love actually can happen. I just have to be patient.

- I bought the movie "Marley and Me" and watching it again, I cried...again. That's a first for me. Usually I can handle a movie a second time, even if I cried the first, but dang, the ending of that movie just gets me. It makes me really miss me dog,Rocky, and really want to get a new dog of my own. One day I will.

- My newest obsession is BBC's Robin Hood series. Jonas Armstrong (Robin) is pretty much hot. Not your normal hot. Like, first seeing him I was like "that does NOT look like Robin Hood", but after just one episode I was in love. Like wow. Unfortunatly, the third season doesn't seem like it's going to be as good (we don't have BBC anyway) and Jonas is leaving after the third season, so it's like, why would I watch any more after that? And any guy with an accent, I mean, come on, does it get any better? plus, my mom says that with my new haircut I kinda look like the girl who plays Marian...::sigh::....obesssions are very draining

- I'm still looking after my mom, but thankfully she is almost healed. I'm probably being a little bit more of a brat than I should be, but my patience is wearing very thin. The only thing I can share with my mom lately is Robin Hood, which is good I guess, at least it's something. But I leave for BYU in less than three weeks, so I just have to hold out for a little bit longer.

- My nice little tax return came and gave me a little more breathing room for finances, but not much. I'm still dreading having to talk to my dad about finances but I'll deal with that when it comes. My only real problem in the future is finding a job once I get back out to BYU. Now that'll be interesting.

- I finally read  the third Eragon book "Brisingr" and it was pretty enjoyable. I LOVED that >Brom ended up being Eragon's dad instead of Morazan< (spoiler). It made me go back and read parts of all the other books to see the hints. Love it. Sadly it is still a lot of the same plot of Star Wars, but on the other hand, I like Star Wars, so what the heck, it's fun! lol. Anyway, haven't bought the book, just checked it out from the library. I'll wait for the paperback version. I've also started reading "The Magnificent Ambersons" by reccomendation from my sister. I practically fell asleep reading the first chapter, so I hope it gets better as it goes along.

- I LOVE my haircut. Seriously. It's got to be the best hairstyle I've had for a very, very long time.

- I'm seriously in love with Robin Hood. Just waiting for it to pass.

That's all I've got for now. I'll think of more later but I got to go chaperone for my mother. Ta all!

when you kiss me I wanna die

It never fails that No matter how much Itry to deny it, I am such a romantic sap. Seriously, it's scary. I've been watching  Buffy the Vampire Slayer and about 10% of the show is romance but I still watch it all (multiple times!) to see the romance between Buffy and Angel. I went through my movie collection....almost all of them have romance. And not even good romance! Hollywood romance is SO not real, like, at all. Sigh, and yet I still watch them and love them and spend time thinking about them....

ugh, I need help.

and now for something completely different

This is another rant about Kristen Stewart. Forgive me, but I need to say it somewhere:

So at the Oscars this past week, Kristen Stewart's dad was quoted saying that his daughter didn't want to present at the oscars because Twilight wasn't a good movie, just one that made a lot of money. While I'm not putting Twilight in the leagues of anything that would get an academy award (obviously), I find that comment pretty degrading to her. For one thing, Twilight has made her famous and she's pretty much not cared about it at all. She's mentioned several times how much she hates dealing with the fans and finds most of the situation idiotic (I'm paraphrasing of course).

Again, I'm not saying the Twilight movie was award worthy, just that it IS a blockbuster and the fans are loyal enough to like it, even with *her* playing the lead! I mean, I don't even understand why she wanted to do this role in the first place. Surely she must have had some interest in the story. But it just seems like everything we've heard from her she sounds bored with it and just kinda resigned to the fact that she has to go through the motions. When I first saw the movie the top thing that bugged me was her preformance and after seeing it far too many times and noticing other things I dislike, I still hate her preformance the most. One of the things that makes leading characters so great is that the actors really get into the movie and are excited and happy about what they're doing. Seriously, that girl needs to try smiling more and not act like everyone around her is a bug she wants to squash.

The other thing that bugged me about her dad's statement was that it totally dissed Rob Pattinson who *was* a presenter at the Academy awards, and he did well and got into the limelight a bit to even promote his new movie that's coming out in March (NOT twilight). Again, not saying that Rob is a saint. I'm mentioned on here before that I think he curses too much and always looks like he's drunk, but at least he is handling the fame alright and he acts like he enjoys Twilight. He was thrust into the media far more than Kristen but I still see him in interviews excited about shooting New Moon and he really likes to talk about his character. Bravo Rob, I give you points for that.

There have been a few news articles about her dad's quote, a lot of them stating that the fans are being to harsh on Kristen. give me a break. Maybe we'd care about her if she cared the least about us. She was in a mall near where I live right during when the movie was coming out and I had absolutely no desire to go see her. I knew exactly what kind of expression she was gonna have on her face the whole time and I did not want to be looked down upon by her. I'm interested to see how she handles doing the rest of the movies. Actually, I'm really interested in them finding someone else to play Bella, but that's not gonna happen.

\\ rant done


he's the little chinese guy

Since we've been having such good weather this week, yesterday I finally got out in it and walked around Burke Lake in the early morning. It was really nice and peaceful and the weather was just perfect. My mother gave me a nice long panic attack as she freaked out about me going all the way around by myself (there are a few "creepy" parts of the trail) but I came out unscathed and I got good exercise, yay! Today my sister-in-law asked to come with me which was way awsome. She brought her two youngest and had them in a double jogging stroller. My problem now is that I'm sore like crazy cause we went so fast, lol! She was crazy fast! I told her I didn't like jogging, just fast walking and wow, did she walk fast. I think I was slowing her down and I didn't even have a stroller to push, haha. Wow, I need to get into better shape.

So I also dyed my hair the other day. It came out a bit darker than I wanted, but I'm okay with it now. It's always nice to have a change and I'm finding it pretty fun to match with my outfits (lighter colors go well with dark hair). I also broke out my contacts again so I can wear my sunglasses and stop getting headaches. You can see by all these interesting facts that my life is still very much boring.

I've found that I must have some kind of problem cause I never stick to things very long. I see something I enjoy so I get really excited and really into it very quickly and then just as quickly I lose all interest and stop. I find that this happens with food, movies, activities, everything. It's really weird. but it makes it hard for me to stick to anything, which kinda sucks when I'm supposed to be figuring out what I want to do for the rest of my life, haha. I think it's also why my family doesn't ever get real excited when I'm trying something new. It always bugs me cause I'm so excited about something, but then I tell them and they kinda give blah responses. Now that I'm figuring this out, though, I can see where they're coming from. But their reactions are also why I don't try some new stuff, for example: I don't want to try something new because years ago I said I didn't want to and if I try it now they'll rub it in my face and make a big deal about how I finally tried it. I'm sure this isn't making lots of sense, but, whatever, lol!


it was all personal to me

So BYU is apparently letting me back in! yay! I am excited, really. I have my moments of "do I really want to go back to Utah?" but i'm on my last leg of trying to figure out what to do next with my life. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out what to do with the next three months (aka. a JOB). A lady in my church has offered to have me sort of bbsit her mother-in-law who has dymentia. I start on Tuesday for a two week trial to see if I can do it and if I'm the right person for the job. She keeps wanting me to name my salary, but I hate doing that! I want to say "Pay me the most you can!" but that's just rude and stupid. ::sigh::

And meanwhile again...I'm bored. My brother-in-law gave me a new stack of puzzles to work on and I have discovered that you can watch entire seasons of TV shows on youtube. I went through the entire series of Sabrina the Teenage Witch and now I'm working through Friends (only select episodes, some i don't really care for). I bought a new mattress pad to help me sleep (memory foam...very nice). Even at this new "job" I'll be bored I think. I'll have to find some good books...


So I've finally gotten on the same page as BYU and have a phone conversation scheduled with a councilor tomorrow (does that sound weird to anyone else?). Hopefully I'll be able to get in by spring. In other weird news, I got a letter from BYU today informing me I'm a student again...ummm...they obviously don't know that I haven't completed my mission. ha.

The first two seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer were on sale at Target for $20, so that's my new workout incentive. I only get to watch them when I exercise. I am slightly disturbed by the freaky looking vampires, but Angel looks quite divine. Definitly not as good as Edward, but it'll do.

I went and saw Inkheart with my mom today and liked it ALOT more than I thought I would :p Actually, I liked it ALOT. I have to go read the book now, it's probably even better, lol.

you've got me...who's got you?

Last night I watched Superman 2 with my parents (my mom is on a kick of trying to "culture" me by having me watch famous movies I've never seen). Strangly, it was ALOT like Twilight. As a matter of fact, I've been noticing that almost all love stories are the same. Yeah, I'm probably the last to get the memo, but seriously, the plot never deviates that much. I also watched "The Notebook" for the first time and that is basically the same plot too. I've also noticed that it's never realistic. Well....maybe for some people I guess, but not the majority.

Maybe this is repetative, but I've been thinking about it lately. Right now where I'm stuck in my life, not really getting anywhere, The only thing I really want is to have my own family, as weird as that sounds. But my problem is, I don't want a relationship, like, ever. It terrifies me to think of being that close to someone, close enough that I would be comfortable marrying them. I'm a very private person, which was why I didn't enjoy going to a therapist. There are lots of things that I've never told anyway...ANYONE. And I have no intention of telling anyone. But when you get in a serious relationship, you're supposed to be able to talk about anything. I mean, I would want my future spouse to be able to tell me anything and everything. I know that relationships are hard, and I realize I'm getting ahead of myself seeing as I've never actually been in one, but I have a lot of experiance observing them, real and fiction, and perhaps I need to grow up a bit.

(ps. I did enjoy superman, incase I didn't get that across. Despite the terrible special effects, i was hooked :p Clark Kent is a dork, but I understand now how people don't recognize him as superman. Those glasses are HUGE.)

This is an interesting situation!

A few things, not a real update, more like a...babble.

- I'm looking for a new hobby in life. I've narrowed it down to: rowing (on an erg machine), learning to draw, some sort of scrapbooking, caligraphy or other crafty project. I'll probably double or triple up. At least I'll include the form of exercise. Goodness knows I need it.

- I've bought a Nintendo DS without my parent's knowledge....this is dangerous, dangerous ground. They probably wouldn't care that much, but whatever. I'll skip the lecture for this one. I got it on sale anyway.

- I really HATE Kristen Stewart. Unfortunatly I own, like 4 of her movies. That was a dumb idea. She can't act (in the movie or in the news) and every interview of her seems so fake. Like she's trying so hard to be "cool" about all her fame but it's not working. (and no i don't hate her cause she gets to be with Rob Pattinson. Yes, he's hot, but he seems to have a semi-crappy personality as well. Bless them both if they end up dating)

- I'm going to start teaching my 8 year old niece to play the piano. If I find I can handle it, I might go back and take lessons myself and try to actually make some money by teaching. Who knows?

-I FINALLY got the third book of the Mistborn series and am eagarly devouring it. in the process I realized that I still haven't read the third Eragon book....hummm.....I don't care enough. That's good. one less harback book for me to buy. Goodness knows the library won't have it in stock for another year, too many people putting it on hold.

That is all.

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