/#______& I lay in a glass coffin, six feet under.

My daily life writes the eulogy, engraved on tombstone diaries..

I'm losing my words in the wind
6 December
I'm Kaitlyn.
I'm a dork.
I have no life.
I'm obsessed with music.
I don't like being labeled.
I don't listen to certain bands to be trendy.
I comment on my friends' journals too much.
I like eating
Toast is good.

t(i)nc; 1956; 30 Seconds to Mars; 7 Angels 7 Plagues; 11 Minutes Away; 12 Step Romance; A Backward Glance; A Static Lullaby; AgainstTheSky; alexisonfire; Anatomy of a Ghost, Armor for Sleep; As I Lay Dying; At The Drive-in; Atreyu; Beloved; Boy Hits Car; Boysetsfire; Brand New; Bright Eyes; Count the Stars; Cursive; Die Trying; Dillinger Four; Don't Look Down; Disturbed; Diva Destruction; East on December; Eighteen Visions; Every Time I Die; Farewell to Fashion; From Ashes Rise; From Autumn to Ashes; Full Surrender; Give Up The Ghost; GlassJAw; Hopesfall; Hot Hot Heat; Hot Rod Circuit; Jack off Jill; Junction 18; Just For Today; Kittie; Local Nothing; Madison; MAE; Matchbook Romance; .Moneen.; Motion City Soundtrack; My Chemical Romance; My Hopes Dashed; My Ruin; No Friendo; Norma Jean; On Broken Wings; Onelinedrawing; One True Thing; Paint it Black; Rasputina; Recover; Rufio; Scarling; Scenes from October; Senses Fail; skycamefalling; Slow Coming Day; Snoozebox; Somehow Hollow; Sunny Day Real Estate; Switchblade Symphony; The Amber Fashion; The Beautiful Mistake; The Bled; The Early November; The Hope Conspiracy; The Juliana Theory; The Lyndsay Diaries; The Postal Service; The Promise Ring; The Reunion Show; The Revolution Smile; The Rocket Summer; The Victory Year; Tonight is Forever; Trophy Scars; twothirtyeight; Ultimate Fakebook; Vendetta Red; Welcome Home Travis

Some of the many bands I listen to/support.. kthx.

!& Show Dates
[[7.27]] Reggie and the Full Effect @ The Engine Room
with Motion City Soundtrack,
A Static Lullaby, Midtown


This is my journal, which means I have private thoughts and feelings written in here. I'm sorry, but I don't like having everyone in the world read.. well, my emotions, and everything that goes on in my life.. So, if you'd like to be added, COMMENT and let me know you've added me, and I'll add you back. It's that simple.