You can't be the brightest if something is brighter than you.

I had to Fall.

Perhaps you'd like to see meet me sometime? I'm easy to spot, just hard to find. If you want to try you can head to one of my seven nightclubs:

The Fourth Circle: Only the most exclusive need apply. The Prime Minister, foreign leaders, and the hottest new celebrities frequent this place.

Francesca's: The front room holds an exclusive gentlemen's club, the back room is VIP only and has all the wonders of the female body on display. Some people might call it a strip club, but I know what it really is—a den of masculine practice.

Heretic: Where the youth can come to wander, drink, dance, and fornicate amongst themselves.

Lux Fere: The height of fine dining and ballroom dancing. Little known to most mortals that I live above it in my own luxurious penthouse.

The Sanctuary: This club isn’t for angels. Enter into my industrial club and be sure to wear your leather or PVC.

Le Cafe du Monde The Cafe of the World is where you might see someone who comes not from the Earth, but from the realms where only the human imagination can comprehend such beings. Beware if you notice someone whose eyes are black like night and hold a million stars or a woman's tongue suddenly turns into a snake's.

Smoke A restaurant and bar for the everyman with an upstairs humidor. A perfect place to catch a game of football or cricket.

Though...you will be looking long time if you expect to find me in London. Rome is about to welcome me into her arms again. ~Luc