Show Girl

It's... Showtime!


Ligaya Haruka tries to be as happy as she can manage, and is at her happiest when spreading happiness and love. She also upholds freedom, decency, justice and equality, and always fights for them. Try not to cross her, as she can be capable of unfathomable cruelty once provoked.

Ligaya Haruka especially loves:

• all kinds of chocolate

• all food cooked with ampalaya

• Oceanus perfume by The Body Shop

• all things design

• all things Sailormoon

• all things Utena

• all things Yuu-Yuu-Hakusho

• all things Evangelion

• all things Granado Espada

• all things Encantadia and Etheria

• all things Takarazuka Kagekidan (Takarazuka Opera/Revue)

• all things Last Friends

Ragnarok (Online), even if it’s rather shabby right now

• old school manga and animé

• hard-to-find, hardly-known manga and animé

• anything with boyish grrlz and womyn

• piglets

• Pinky:St

• Poupee Girl, Miss Bimbo and doll-things and doll-communities</a>

• all things that are OVERCUUUUUUUUUUUTE but not necessarily moe (anything Sanrio is already basic)

• seeing hair flutter in the wind during a bright, sun-shiny day

• yellow and white gingham (for those who know what this stands for... {evil snicker})

• trying on make-up

• writing and drawing (finally I've got time to work on my fiction again...)

• having a French manicure-pedicure treatment, leg waxing and hot oil treatments at the salon

• Japanese fashion, and mostly gyaru fashion, although she's partial to all kinds of fashion as well

• sighing over the videos and music of Aaliyah (miss you baby gurl)

• griping about the lack of Gibernau and Nakano in Motograndprix races

• cosplay

• the Spice Girls! (I admit it!)

• all things Joan of Arcadia for many wrong reasons XD;;;

• Art Deco

• how Bougereau and Botticelli make curves on a woman look beautiful

• Vincent Van Gogh's vibrant, violent colours

• the smell of freshly baked pan de sal, bibingka, newly fried garlic and onion ginisa, and hot cocoa, especially on cold and rainy days

• spreading condensed milk over hot pan de sal

• eating Ovaltine powder

• watching productions by Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki Hayao

• traveling out of her city house and exploring the world

• going out dancing, not necessarily at a club, with friends (which she really hasn't done enough of lately... anyone want to take her out dancing hmm?)

• working hard ... and earning just compensation for it

• performing for friends and family

• getting lucky at random contests

• random acts of kindness, especially on the street

• womyn empowerment

• freedom of speech and of expression

• helping emancipate her fellow Filipinos and Filipinas from poverty, ignorance and oppression

• using her hyperactive imagination to concoct crazy things

• staying healthy

• losing weight

• meeting and becoming friends with new, like-minded people

• keeping old friends

• being happily in love

• scheming against the "forces of supreme evil"

• beating idiots at their game

Ligaya Haruka especially loathes:

• getting sick

• gaining weight

• stomachaches

• insomnia and not being able to sleep

• getting her period

• getting injured, especially on her elbows, knees, neck, back and hips

• hangovers

• high places

• deep, watery places

• never having enough money on her ATM account

• getting embarrassed

• having all her flaws and mistakes nitpicked

• being accused of something she has never remembered doing

• being accused of stealing things (accuse her AND DIE)

• losing herself

• difficulties at work

• having to re-boot Anthy (her computer) all over again

• broken DVD-CD writers, speakers and headphones, besides a broken Anthy

• ball-jointed dolls

• too much moe (people can be both cute AND strong ... can't they?)

• betrayal of trust

• insensitive clods, and snobs who turn a deaf ear on the more important things

• people who don’t mean what they say or say what they mean

• rich, spoiled, bratty individuals who think the world revolves around them

• people who act like rich, spoiled, bratty individuals, down to their personal preferences, all without contributing anything to the betterment of humanity

• posers in general

• evil professors and principals (heeheehee)

• homophobes

• bigots

• racists

• politics and especially politicking

• crazy individuals with XY chromosomes

• cheaters

• liars

• elitists

• homewreckers

• relationship-wreckers

• Boobman Asstard Linkwhore

• Abraxas

Ligaya Haruka especially adores:

• Poveda Learning Centre 4B-2002 – even if the experience was not all that great, she acknowledges learning so many things from and with them

• 7 Habits pioneering batch barkada

• UP Diliman


• Block K1 of UP CMC


• UP AME for accepting her into their crowd, though she never did join (oops!)

• UP GRAIL and TOMOKAI for helping her out

• other UP friends, they know who they are

Cosplay.ph and FilCosplay staff and community

CosplayKada staff and community

Reach Out Otaku

• tag-teammate uesugi_rin, with fellow bashers kurayamiko, jiruchan and Kizuki Houou

• girl _vfriends mithlin_megil, chocolate_daze, jactinglim and velvetkitten
• Kaka Fun Club

• sentiGRAM




Ligaya Haruka is a part of:

Cosplay.ph - moderator / administrator; Articles; Marketing and Promotions

Reach Out Otaku - officer-in-charge (learn more about us here; thanks to charlesatan for the article! ♥)



Ligaya Haruka wishes to thank:

myrasis of weapon_icon for inspiring me to play with my PS CS and dabble in making graphics

maedinn for the “confetti” icon ♥

cats_meow2454/ dream_scapes for inspiring her designs and for influencing her tastes, among SO many other things ♥ ♥ ♥

Avatarity for some bases

• All the wonderful people over at icon_tutorial and all the other graphic communities I am in, for sharing all their knowledge (and even wisdom) about icon-making and icon-making resources

colorfilter and fuzzyvioletta for their beautiful textures, gradients and brushes

arwenchan of komorebii for her current Livejournal layout

• And last but never least, setlights of impressively for this userinfo layout ♥