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broken hearts mean broken necks [entries|friends|calendar]
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(1 | lie to me)

[22 Jul 2005|03:26pm]
everyone add my new journal. mmk? mmk.♥

(8 | lie to me)

[19 Jul 2005|01:30pm]
i dont really know what to update about.
things have been kinda fucked up lately.

i just got back from NC.
it was too fun.

my birthdays coming up reallll soon.
i'd really like all my friends to come
hang out with me.

i really miss all my friends i haven't seen in
it makes me sad because i love these people.

im not doing anything
this week.
let me know if you'd like to do something.

swallow your words baby//before you choke on them

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[12 Jul 2005|03:02pm]
well, im leaving for north carolina.
i'll be back sunday or something.

so leave me comments
&&& tell me how much you miss me.

if you'd like to call me,
let me know & i'll give you the number.



(4 | lie to me)

[11 Jul 2005|05:28pm]
fucking bullshit.

(8 | lie to me)

[07 Jul 2005|01:05pm]
hi, im nikki.

i have shoulder-length brown hair, but that's about to change.

i love music, especially the music scene around here.

i love going to shows.

im a really impatient person, but im learning.

i get attached really easy, and i hate it because im always the one to get her ♥ broken.

i love walking in the rain.

i hate how boys make me feel all insecure. every single one of them does it to me.

i wouldn't say that im really pretty, and i'd hope im not too terribly ugly as well.

i hate showing my emotions.

i'd really like to have one of those relationships with my mom where i can tell her anything. that's not the case.

i love walking on the beach at night.

im really self conscious.

i hate the time when you're laying down trying to fall asleep. it makes me think about stuff.

i tend to hold grudges, but its only to keep myself from getting hurt.

i love late night car rides going no where in particular.

i love my best friends
♥ anthony
♥ maddie
♥ katie

my birthday is coming up. i cant wait.

i hate reading.

& i love surprises and spontaneity.

leave love♥

edit: & i fucking love how nothing ever works out.

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