I Never Said It Was Ur Fault.....

I Just Said I Was Blaming You!

1 January 1986
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Name'z Kim.. Am Scottish thru n thru. Live in Leven, Fife. Live in ma own wee flat YAY!!:D A work with young adults wiv special needs n the moneys good but the boss is a b*tch lol 2 bestest buds.. Stacy n Teeny. Great peepz... luv them loadz!!
Lived in Saudi since a was bout 8/9... went to boardin school in England (i know it's sh*te but a was only there coz the school was known for havin a good sports reputation!) hit 16...left saudi to move back here when i was bout 18.. n then went to college.
Luv goin out in ma car n spendin time wae ma cuz Adz n special peepz like Shelley n Lizzi! Hae a gd laugh :P

Mmmmm.... I like pretty much anything. Don't have a favourite although av always loved Nickelback. I like listening to my cousin'z band "Myths of the Martyr". Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, Metallica... Dance stuff, hardcore stuff... lol. Just anything!!

Lol Shawshank... reminds me of the boarding school I used to be at. Anyway, ummm... like comedies or action movies or.... some horror ... this is a difficult question. Like Million Dollar Baby... that's a good film but sad :( Recently been to see Epic Movie and i was expecting it to be really funny... but i was disappointed. That's the first movie in ages that i actually couldn't wait til it finished.

What else can i say? I'm a fairly shy person but once i get to know someone then..my advice... run. That's about it lol. Anything i've missed out n u want to know... give me a shout :)

Neway.. now am done ramblin' .... am gonna go :D xxx :D