I'm sure it could be classed as bullying Lorien....
"Kim I'm going to only contact you through LiveJournal... that'll make you use it more often"
"Kim... I know where you live..."

Am I right or am I right??

Ok so I know the last time I put an entry in was February... but I'm not very good with these things. It's like a diary... I don't do diaries!! But seeing as how I have an account I'll TRY make more of an effort.

Let me see... It's Boxing Day... I've been working!! Merry Xmas to peepz by the way. Hope you all got what you wanted. I received a toaster. At long last I own a toaster!! What else.. Voucher to get an XBOX game or 2, Calvin and Hobbes book (because I think they are really funny), Sony Walkman MP3 thing with like 2GB space and its quite cool.. Didn't get too much else which is fine because my parents paid for a 2 week holiday on a cruise around the Caribbean. Was great.. topped up my tan.. and got burnt but that's normal. I just kept thinking how everyone would be at home freezing and I was soaking up the sun. Went snorkeling with HUGE stingrays and turtles and walked around places and sunbathed and went on a boat ride called the Screamer (perfect name for the ride :P). Went to Barbados, Tortola (British Virgin Islands), Antigua, St. Lucia, Margherita Island (Venezuela), Curacao (Dutch Antilles), Aruba (Dutch Antilles), Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands), Catalina Island (Dominican Republic), Ocho Rios (Jamaica) So I'm more than happy.

Ok.. if this entry isn't satisfactory Lorien... I give up.

Best wishes for the New Year peepz!

Kim xxx
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Well..... A little birdy had a go at me for not updating my journal so to keep that little birdy's beak closed..... i'm updating it now lol.

Anyone use MSN Mobile?
I did. until 4.30am this morning when i had to delete my account. Why? I'll tell you.

I went to bed at 1.30am (bit late beause i was watchin TV). at 3.50am I got woken up by my mobile as i received a text. I left it and tried to go back to sleep. I received another.... and another... and another!!!
If you have MSN Mobile...you know that on MSN Messenger, when you go offline...... it shows you are on mobile and so people can contact you still.
This person kept sending more and more pointless messages tryin to lose me my credit on my phone (as receiving these texts cost money). So I had to get up... put my computer on and come online and I didn't even know this person!! He hacked on to my friend's e-mail and was just generally creating chaos. Nearly 20 text messages this guy sent me.. each costing me money... and he was purposely texting me!!! I was raging!!! So ... I deleted my account.

Never using MSN Mobile again.

Other than that.... I've just been playing Bejeweled and I think I'm going to give up on that game completely lol.

Oh well.... maybe not.... I enjoy beating Lorien when I can. :D

That's it.. Nothing else to say.

Hope everyone is having a good day.
Luv Kim xxx
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(no subject)

Okay so I was just looking at all these moods... and wot on earth does QUIXOTIC mean...? I don't know what a few of these mean.. Apathetic, exanimate, morose, pensive, recumbent... not a clue.
Just thought i'd share that with you.

Feel liiiiike ....... going for a drive :)
Catch yaz later xxx
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oi oi!

ok so.... im absolutely knackered!! reason im not sleeping?? Bcoz Lorien has been nipping my head and has forced me into doing this journal thing!! as if signing up wasnt enough..... Lorien wanted an entry put in as well..... so this is it. :)
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