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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in _lexxi_'s LiveJournal:

Sunday, December 26th, 2004
2:56 pm

Guess who?

Current Mood: devious
Friday, December 24th, 2004
5:00 pm
i still feel like crap, it's freezing outside, and this tinfoil tree is bothering my eyes. i need somewhere to go other than here. i can't stand the screaming. i can't stand my dad's yelling because my mom isn't cooking something the way he likes it. it's so cold in here. i wish i had somewhere to go.

Current Mood: cold
Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
7:40 pm
okay, so i went to paige michalchuk's party. it was fucking boring. sully decided it would be fun to spike the egg nog so we went off in search of the liquor cabinet. ashley kerwin, the saint she is, felt it her duty to be a nosy ass and block the liquor cabinet from us. she eventually left and we got to it.

the idea to spike the egg nog was soon forgotten as sully took a swig of the vodka. then i did. then he did. then i did. then he did. okay, we got pretty smashed. surprisingly i'm typing this now, but whatever. the clearest thing i remember is us making out.

so yeah.
Saturday, December 18th, 2004
4:46 pm
goats + marco = danger
okay, so i just got home from the carnival with marco. marco hates carnivals and protested, but i made him go anyway. there was a petting zoo.

yes, a petting zoo. i petted this really cool llama named Doapet or something like that for a while and got to feed him. i turn around and i start laughing at marco because he was too afraid to go near any of the animals. all of a sudden, i see a flash of gray fur and this goat knocks him to the ground.

i wish i had a camera.

Current Mood: bouncy
Monday, December 13th, 2004
6:23 pm
did nothing the rest of the weekend except for hang out with Sully. cool kid... very cool. guess i've made a new friend.

p.s. -- yeah, i overheard you in the dot. i know it's true.

Current Mood: giddy
Saturday, December 11th, 2004
6:21 pm
drunk del rossi.
today was the most boring saturday of my life. (keyword: was).

that was, until, marco came over.

i was home alone on this rainy sunday and i had nothing to do, so who did i call? jay, but he was busy. i called ellie too, but she was busy, so i finally settled on calling marco. he was bored, so he came over to hang out.

we planned on going to the mall for christmas shopping, but it slowly dawned on me that it would be hilarious to see marco del rossi shitfaced. for those of you who are fucking stupid and have no idea what 'shitfaced' means, it means drunk.

weapon of choice? 'non-alcoholic' wine coolers. marco, being the whiny little bitch he is, didn't believe me and didn't want any at first, but i got him to take a sip. then he took another. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. and another. then he moved on to another bottle. and another. and another.

let me tell you, it was pretty fucking funny. he was climbing up the stairs screaming (luckily nobody called the police) and "singing" music, running back down again, and started jumping on the couch. i took pictures. i don't think i've ever laughed so hard in my entire life. my sides still hurt.

anyway, i figured since he was so drunk he couldn't walk home alone, so we walked the streets for a while. i tried to get him to tell me which house he lived in, but he kept saying "noooooooooo". many blocks (and an hour) later he pointed to this red-bricked house with a bunch of italian flags taped to the fence. i was like, "yeah. this must be his house."

guess what? he simply ran up the steps, rang the doorbell five or ten times, then giggled, ran, and hid behind some bushes. before i could figure out what the fuck was going on, this foreign lady opened the door. she couldn't speak english and she kept screaming something about sleep and cats, so i grabbed marco and we got the fuck out of there.

so i called ellie (what i should have done before walking around for an hour) and asked for the address. she was pretty confused to why marco was drunk but i said he accidently mistook some wine coolers for non alcoholic and she believed that. we got to his house and i told his mom that he was really sick and needed to sleep. luckily, she believed me and the last i heard from marco was the nice sound of him vomiting on the front hall floor as i left.

but it was pretty damn funny.

Current Mood: okay
Friday, December 3rd, 2004
9:40 am
K, well last night I hung out with Ellie, Jay, and Marco at Jay's place. that was boring. Then Jay and Ellie felt the need to start making out in front of us, so we left and walked around for a while.

So me and Marco are walking down the street and I see this on the bowling alley sign thing:


I was practically dying it was so funny. Marco and I decided to try to beat "Mr. 300" (as Marco calls him) but we failed. Some old guy hit on me when we walked out of the bowling alley. That was fun. He looked like the guy from "Back to the Future".

I'm skipping, I don't feel good, and I don't feel like writing anymore. bye kids.

Current Mood: blank
Friday, November 26th, 2004
8:52 am
I went to the Dot last night and talked to Jay. While I was there, one of the severs broke a glass and hit Sean in the face with a baseball bat. To my surprise, he didn't do shit. Then some fat guy spit in Ashley's coffee, broke her headphones, and followed her into the girl's bathroom.


Current Mood: accomplished
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
11:45 am
Yesterday I went to the mall alone.


No, not alone, because Towerz followed me there. I went into the pharmacy and stayed in the aisle with all the tampons and pads for like 5 minutes so he'd leave. I walked out and he was still there, fuckin great, huh? The last time I saw him, he was chasing some little girl with an ice cream cone? whatever

So yeah, I'm a freakin loser, I went to the mall alone. I bumped into Ellie there and we talked for a while. I feel someone's standing over us and it's DUN DUN DUN DUN Jay! My ex-boyfriend! And apparently Ellie needs a ride home or something like that! So I just left without saying goodbye. Fun times.


Current Mood: distressed
Friday, November 19th, 2004
4:21 pm
So... first entry.

What's there to say?

I've been miserable for the past few months. I have all F's (except for art class) and I really have no one to hang out with. Towerz keeps calling me, but that kid's annoying as shit so I blocked his phone number.

Comment and I'll make you my buddy/friend/pal whatever they call it on LiveJournal.

Current Mood: bored
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