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You're not on the list of people who get to touch my tits. [entries|friends|calendar]

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[14 Jul 2008|11:51pm]
 I've not been doing exams for other a month but still have done very little!

On thursday I worked at oxfam but I don't think I will go back as I think I was sexually harassed by a dwarf who worked there. I then got worried as a lot of people who have been in prison volunteer so he could be some sex-crazed psyco so I thought it would be best just to not go back and concentrate on actually getting some paid work.

Today I went swimming and got really annoyed with people with bad swimming pool etiquette. Bastards.

My parents go away in a week so I will need people to come round and look after me, as I'm useless at it.
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[29 May 2008|10:15am]
Is anyone going to see the Sex and the City movie?? Can I come?
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[14 May 2008|09:06pm]
Can anyone else hear a really high pitched squeaking?
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[19 Sep 2007|08:54pm]
Has anyone got my pirate hat? It seems to have disapeared...
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[29 Aug 2007|11:29pm]
The amount of work the maths department has given out is completly INSANE!
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[02 Jul 2007|07:32pm]
Did I lend anyone my Stand By Me dvd? If yes could I have it back?
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NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO [19 Apr 2007|08:08pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

"It’s amazing how fast a rumour, published as “fact”, takes hold, especially in the internet age: a story appeared in the Daily Mail that the original screen Billy Elliot, Jamie Bell, is to take over from Daniel Radcliffe in Equus – and before you know it, it’s everywhere. A Google search turns up 14,700 results already that links Bell and Equus. But a fact check with the show’s London PR elicited this response: “I can confirm that Jamie Bell is NOT going into Equus - it’s a rumour and it’s incorrect!”

An availability check may have well have been run on him, of course – I’m sure the producers are running availability checks on every eligible young actor (and even some who are not eligible) whose nude appearance would sell tickets – and the word could have been put out (if it was) as a piece of wish fulfilment; say it often enough, and he might actually be seduced by the interest that has been shown in him. Of course, it’s a dangerous game – it pushes his negotiating price right up.

Alternatively, the producers might not be the source of the rumour, but the star himself: if his “people” put it out there, the producers might bite. It’s an established practice – not by Bell, I hasten to add, but by agents of actors trying to stir up interest in their client for a particular role, and by demonstrating the interest taken in him, will convince the producers to consider him.

But wherever it originates, the press, of course, lap it up. We become complicit in playing their games for them. It would be wonderful, of course, if journalists reported news – but in the days of Popbitch and Talkin’ Broadway, we’re now chasing stories that are merely conjecture, in the hope that the conjecture then becomes fact. Last year another theatre website was so keen to “get the scoop” on opening dates for the revival of The Sound of Music that they published ones that turned out to be wrong, as I blogged here at the time. But they had previously insisted they had “written – official – confirmation” of its “fact”, even though the producers had not yet decided the date themselves.

Of course, “facts” can change – but a date that hasn’t been announced in the first place can’t later be deemed to have been “moved forward”, as the website concerned later wrote when their original “written – official – confirmation”, was proved to be incorrect. And Bell may yet, of course, sign for Equus now that the interest has been so overwhelming – but for now, the sites “confirming” him for the role are premature."


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[04 Mar 2007|04:55pm]
[ mood | fantastic! ]

Yesturday I saw the killers which was AMAZING!!! My feet are so bruised now though. I can't stop smiling :D

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[25 Jan 2007|06:58pm]
Last night I saw The Last King of Scotland, which was so good. I really recomend everyone go see it! (there is one line that insults gingers though, watch out!)

I have a new sociology teacher called "Mr Chacha". He is a bit mental and not particulaly good so I'm a bit scared I'm going to fail. Come back Richard!!!

I just finished my film coursework, thank god!!

My dad has decided that tonight we are going to be Scottish tonight and have haggis (the vegetarian kind).
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HELP ME [17 Jan 2007|05:21pm]
I have to come up with an idea for my own film tomorrow and so far I have: a boy living in england.
AHHH Please give me some suggestions?!?!
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. [30 Dec 2006|05:31pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Christmas week hasn't been at all bad!

On wednesday we drove my grandma back home to london then went on to my aunt's (who is married in) brother's house. I loved it mainly as it was such a mad mix of people! I could just imagine someone looking in and trying to guess all the relationships between everyone there. Me and and my dad were sat at the end of the table with this horrible man who kept telling his 6 year old daughter to "shut the fuck up" all the time and was generally in a really bad mood. Apart from him it was still quite a nice day.

On thursday I went sale shopping and I really couldn't find anything in the sales. I just went into primark and bought a load of stuff.

Yesturday I started revising and doing the mountain of work I have.

No plans for tomorrow, anyone want to help me out? :P

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. [23 Dec 2006|07:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I'm feeling so happy! Christmas is on its way and there is a little chanel bag under the tree for me :O! the pjamas (which can double up as a top) which I have wanted for ages have been reduced in topshop by 50%! Alls good.

Yesturday sat in starbucks for hours with Cassie, Katie, Molly and Lily and we knitted for ages.

The annual Beales Christmas party was on thursday which was good. It wasn't to hellish speaking to my sociology teacher.

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[14 Dec 2006|09:10pm]
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[01 Jan 2006|03:28pm]
I've some how bruised my chest.
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[06 Nov 2005|09:57pm]
What would an exiled Russian aristocrat wear? I have to be well glam.
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[19 Aug 2005|05:56pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Why do hollyoaks always kill off the best people? :'(

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[11 Jul 2005|04:34pm]
I just found the weirdest site ever!
You scroll down and like it has your school then you rate the teachers... It is well weird! Sadly my mum isn't on it.
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[04 Jul 2005|07:53am]
Ahhhhhhhh, I'm so nervous.
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[22 Jun 2005|05:56pm]
Best thing ever
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[26 Apr 2005|08:05am]
I love Ben Mortimer
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