August 10th, 2005

yo momma

Dear samantha:

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This is my friend samantha.
she is a whore.
she won't say cunt unless you give her something.
Talking to her online, is worse than talking to a brick wall.
and up he goes: well if you cut me
and up he goes: i'll cut your baby maker out
and up he goes: with a butter knife
and up he goes: and a pair of hedge trimmers
antixheaben: ...ouch. o.o
antixheaben: feel free to cut out the ol' baby maker.
antixheaben: i watched THE EYE 2 today and it was about babies and spirites.
antixheaben: "beside every pregnant woman is a soul waiting to be reincarnated."
antixheaben: ..i don't want a fucking baby unless I can be promised I'll be a rock in my next life.
and up he goes: lmao!
and up he goes: XDD
antixheaben: :3

if you want to call her names Do it here.

...shes going to kill me for this.

and yes samantha, I like bread too.