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today was terrible, much like the majority of the movies I rented yesterday.

I had to work, it was 112 degrees or something like that outside, and when I got home my mom was bitching at me about how I never mow the lawn anymore, So I mowed that damn lawn(s)(front and back).

I then decided that I was going to go for a swim. Its sad that we have a swimming pool, and I haven't used it once the entire summer.

Its 7 o'clock right now, Im kinda bored, Im staying home again tonight, what a cool fucking kid man, but yeah hopefully next week will go better.

K now that Im done with the daily bitching fest, Im going to eat my t.v. dinner, because boy do I enjoy KID KUSINE'S, I got fake tattos this time, which I guess is better than those stupid mazes and booklets they usually stick in there.

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