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Human translators will never be out of a job

1. Pick a song everyone knows.
2. Take the lyrics to Babelfish (http://world.altavista.com/) and translate:
a. English to German
b. German to French
c. French to English
3. Copy out the result and see who can guess the song.

I did not read today information, OH- boy
on a happy man who formed the degree
to know information were a rather sad
well, me to laugh had to
only me am seen Fotographie

to him roasted his understanding in a car
which it did not consider that the lights had modified
the mass of the people which was allowed and became
seen ahead they angestarrt its face,
to anybody were really sure outside, if it were higher house.

I saw today a film, OH- the boy
that the English army precisely the mass of the war has
people had gained far turned,
me had, only reading however to look at,
me, would become to like to turn the book you...

trailed a comb my head
found more to the bottom my manner took care,
the bed outside fallen and drunk a basin,
and in top considered looking at that I was late.

It found and it seized my hat
which was formed the bus in the seconds that,
the level found into high my manner and it had a smoke,
somebody spoke and I increased in a dream


me read today information OH- boys
four drillings miles in Blackburn, cash Irish of local area network
and although drillings are rather small,
they all were to count it,
were they to know my layer now, if so how much drillings him with the abundance of the Albert to resound takes
would become like I to turn you...