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I lost my contact lens in your Mercedes Benz, so you'll have to make amends

Oh yes, I got this mousepad for Christmas:

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It features a print by Hiroshige and makes me smile every time I look at it. ^^

I have been going through my friends' journals in the past few days to catch up. I haven't read everybody's yet, but I'm getting there, s l o w l y but surely. I didn't go to bed until 5:30 on 1 January, which is a new lj record (well, I said I didn't do New Year's resolutions), and last night it was not much better, 5:15. That was not because of lj though. Just when I wanted to log off, the radio dj I was listening to finished his show at 2:00 by playing an old Caroline classic which I hadn't heard in ages, "Still you turn me on" by ELP. It really took me back, and so I spent the next few hours hunting through 21 pages of Googled results (with several Russian websites causing Safari to crash, which was bloody annoying), before I finally found a site where I could listen to the whole song.

I must say, for a song that intends to be taken seriously, it sure has atrocious lyrics: Collapse ) If it were a poem, it would be worthy of reallybadpoetry's scalpel. But I just love the music, and Greg Lake sings like a god here. Of course I had to play it at least 7 times, together with "From the beginning", before I finally logged off. *sigh*

lewis furey

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One of the birthday presents I received was The Complete Far Side. Yay! Two massive volumes in a slip-case, weighing a ton. I would have liked to show you some favourites, but apparently Gary Larson hates to see his copyright infringed, he has successfully urged every fansite that I've seen to stop displaying his cartoons. 'Tis a pity, but I can't blame him really.

Another present was a large plant, a Stromanthe 'Triostar'. Actually it is way too big for my tiny one-room apartment, but it looks so gorgeous that I am willing to let it eat up some precious space. It has tricolor leaves, green and cream on top and the undersides are exactly the same reddish-purple/purplish-red shade as my carpet. But the only place I could put it is right in front of a radiator. I'm afraid that is going to be a problem when the winter comes. Oh well. We'll see.