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'Nightglow' by sophyQ

I came across an interesting image in a Russian photo journal, look!

I'm waiting for written approval of the reintegration plan. It will probably arrive too late for me to start the course in April, which means I'll have to wait until September. Oh, well.

Currently the first series of Dead like me is being repeated. Hopefully this means they're going to broadcast the second series after all...

I'm still busy decluttering, mainly paper, and also my computer. I have finally cleaned out my inbox, it is now down from over 200 messages to a mere 23. I am also deleting files and getting rid of some memes:

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Rainbow of Icons by FreezingInTheSno
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lewis furey

I lost my contact lens in your Mercedes Benz, so you'll have to make amends

Oh yes, I got this mousepad for Christmas:

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It features a print by Hiroshige and makes me smile every time I look at it. ^^

I have been going through my friends' journals in the past few days to catch up. I haven't read everybody's yet, but I'm getting there, s l o w l y but surely. I didn't go to bed until 5:30 on 1 January, which is a new lj record (well, I said I didn't do New Year's resolutions), and last night it was not much better, 5:15. That was not because of lj though. Just when I wanted to log off, the radio dj I was listening to finished his show at 2:00 by playing an old Caroline classic which I hadn't heard in ages, "Still you turn me on" by ELP. It really took me back, and so I spent the next few hours hunting through 21 pages of Googled results (with several Russian websites causing Safari to crash, which was bloody annoying), before I finally found a site where I could listen to the whole song.

I must say, for a song that intends to be taken seriously, it sure has atrocious lyrics: Collapse ) If it were a poem, it would be worthy of reallybadpoetry's scalpel. But I just love the music, and Greg Lake sings like a god here. Of course I had to play it at least 7 times, together with "From the beginning", before I finally logged off. *sigh*

lewis furey

Clean-up time

It's been a while since my last entry. The end of the year is a good time for decluttering, so, as I have nothing interesting to write, I had a look at some quiz results I had stored on my computer and am posting the ones I like here, so I can trash them all.

You're Monet!! Fuzzy and romantic, your art is
destined to hang on every college freshman
girls' dorm room wall until the end of time.

What famous artist are you?
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Quiz time again

Over the past few days I have done several quizzes and it seems a shame not to post some of them here. They are gathered from various places:

Some may call you bookish, and mean it in a bad
way.....but we know better! Delighting in
books, and very likely with more tomes than
clothes, you amaze others with your knowledge
of the obscure and the common.

Books alone cannot a life make, but you know this
as well....you love having chats with others
who love words and ideas as much as yourself!

Can I play in your library? Please??

You are The Favourite Poet by Alma~Tadema.

Which Pre~Raphaelite Painting Are You?
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(Yes, I would say this sounds like me.)

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