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I lost my contact lens in your Mercedes Benz, so you'll have to make amends

Oh yes, I got this mousepad for Christmas:

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It features a print by Hiroshige and makes me smile every time I look at it. ^^

I have been going through my friends' journals in the past few days to catch up. I haven't read everybody's yet, but I'm getting there, s l o w l y but surely. I didn't go to bed until 5:30 on 1 January, which is a new lj record (well, I said I didn't do New Year's resolutions), and last night it was not much better, 5:15. That was not because of lj though. Just when I wanted to log off, the radio dj I was listening to finished his show at 2:00 by playing an old Caroline classic which I hadn't heard in ages, "Still you turn me on" by ELP. It really took me back, and so I spent the next few hours hunting through 21 pages of Googled results (with several Russian websites causing Safari to crash, which was bloody annoying), before I finally found a site where I could listen to the whole song.

I must say, for a song that intends to be taken seriously, it sure has atrocious lyrics: Collapse ) If it were a poem, it would be worthy of reallybadpoetry's scalpel. But I just love the music, and Greg Lake sings like a god here. Of course I had to play it at least 7 times, together with "From the beginning", before I finally logged off. *sigh*


None of us are getting any younger

Last night I found a website with some amusing games and animations. This little game kept me up until 3:45, when it finally dawned on me that, since my days of dexterity at playing Minesweeper have long gone, I was perhaps aiming a little too high here (spot the pun!) in wanting to reach level 1 before bed. What, pathetic? Who, me?? Hahaha.

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Love found and lost, and not found at all: 2 favourites

This must be my favourite song by Edith Piaf: romantic lyrics and great music (later to be vulgarized by Paco in 'Amor de mis amores', but never mind). A snippet can be heard here.

La Foule

Je revois la ville en fête et en délire
Suffoquant sous le soleil et sous la joie
Et j'entends dans la musique les cris, les rires
Qui éclatent et rebondissent autour de moi
Et perdue parmi ces gens qui me bousculent
Étourdie, désemparée, je reste là
Quand soudain, je me retourne, il se recule,
Et la foule vient me jeter entre ses bras...

Emportés par la foule qui nous traîne
Nous entraîne
Écrasés l'un contre l'autre
Nous ne formons qu'un seul corps
Et le flot sans effort
Nous pousse, enchaînés l'un et l'autre
Et nous laisse tous deux
Épanouis, enivrés et heureux...

Entraînés par la foule qui s'élance
Et qui danse
Une folle farandole
Nos deux mains restent soudées
Et parfois soulevés
Nos deux corps enlacés s'envolent
Et retombent tous deux
Épanouis, enivrés et heureux...

Et la joie éclaboussée par son sourire
Me transperce et rejaillit au fond de moi
Mais soudain je pousse un cri parmi les rires
Quand la foule vient l'arracher d'entre mes bras...

Emportés par la foule qui nous traîne
Nous entraîne
Nous éloigne l'un de l'autre
Je lutte et je me débats
Mais le son de ma voix
S'étouffe dans les rires des autres
Et je crie de douleur, de fureur et de rage
Et je pleure...

Entraînée par la foule qui s'élance
Et qui danse
Une folle farandole
Je suis emportée au loin
Et je crispe mes poings, maudissant la foule qui me vole
L'homme qu'elle m'avait donné
Et que je n'ai jamais retrouvé...

And this is my favourite poem by Jacques Prévert:

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lewis furey

For everyone who has a Russian soul

This is what I have been listening to all day today.

Limonadeglazen wodka

o als je hier kon zijn vandaag mijn vreemde vriend
en dat je nuchter was en je geschoren had
wat zou je lachen om mijn shirt en mijn huis en mijn oude hoofd
ik zou je vragen hoe het is en ik had je niet geloofd

het was een mooie tijd als ik me niet vergis
we hadden zo'n gelijk altijd maar ja we zeiden niks
je had het eerder door dan ik er is zo weinig tijd
je zag er heel goed uit je deed als iemand van tv
zo kon ik toch nooit zijn niet ik niet met dat haar van mij
een cirkel op je arm ik niet want ik was veel te bang
ze had de juiste naam ze had de juiste huid
ze had iets prachtigs aan ook jij zag er fantastisch uit
ze woonde in madrid ze had een hele leuke baan

ik had een film gezien die nacht ik dacht op twee
er was iets met een oorlogsheld er werd niet veel gezegd
je zag hem eerst als kind maar het kon ook alweer de reclame zijn
toen ging de telefoon en dus ben ik toen maar gegaan
ik had zelfs een echte traan want de as kwam in mijn oog
ze had een poncho aan die dag als ik me niet vergis
wat zou je lachen om die vent met zijn cake en die foute tune
maar ik zweer je er komt een keer geheid een dag dat ie het nog een keer mag doen

ze had de juiste naam ze had de juiste huid
ze had iets prachtigs aan ook jij zag er fantastisch uit

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lewis furey

Here are the results of the Lyrics meme jury...

As I don't think anybody is going to hazard another guess in the Lyrics meme, I am going to put you out of your misery now and give you the results: Collapse )

The booby prize goes to heartofdavid, whose guesses were as wide of the mark as they were hilarious! :D Congratulations, dear!

And the winner is... *drum roll*... justpressplay!!! for correctly identifying the song by Spinvis.
Congratulations, three cheers, laurels and eternal fame to you! :D

lewis furey


Lyrics meme!

On your current playlist, hit shuffle and pick the first twenty songs on the list (no matter how cheesy or embarrassing), and write down your favorite line of the song. Try to avoid putting the song title in the line. (Instrumentals and repeated artists may be skipped) Then, have your friends comment and see if they know the songs.

[N.B. I have changed the order of the quotes, because some of them go together very nicely.]

How many do you recognize? (Now I read back the list, I think it will only be a few...)

and they say that you never know when you're insane

he said I was the type that was most inclined
when out of his sight to be out of my mind

and it turns out that you did like men but didn't like their things
that hang down and all the hang-ups being with them always brings

I never noticed the size of my feet
'til I kicked you in the shins

sweetness, I was only joking when I said
by rights you should be bludgeoned in your bed

I can't stand what you do
I'm in love with your eyes

smiling and waving and looking so fine
don't think you knew you were in this song

but now I know you've found another
so will someone please find me?

if I gave you everything that I owned
and I asked for nothing in return
would you do the same for me as I would for you?

I never bitched at anyone
I never asked for my heart back

you said, well, never mind,
we are ugly but we have the music

music is your only friend
until the end

c'est pour toi, mon amie, ma douloureuse absente,
pour conjurer l'oubli, c'est pour toi que je chante
avant de retrouver ma route nonchalante

and the open road was the only road he knew
but the colour of his dreams was slowly turning into blue

les pirogues s'en vont, les pirogues s'en viennent
et mes souvenirs deviennent ce que les vieux en font

there's a small boat made of china
it's going nowhere on the mantelpiece

je had het eerder door dan ik: er is zo weinig tijd

Kathy, I'm lost, I said, though I knew she was sleeping,
I'm empty and aching and I don't know why

won't someone help me, I think that I'm lost here
lost in a place called America

and I wonder when I'll be home again and the morning answers, never
and the evening sighs and the steely Russian skies go on

lewis furey

At last

Regen regen
Rechte stralen
Water water
Langs de muren
Langs de palen
Vallen vallen
Langs de bomen
Natte auto's
Gaan en komen
Loodrecht op de
Overal is
Regen regen

(Jan Hanlo)

and the rain falls down on the ground
rain makes beautiful music

(Martin Stephenson)