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Last Monday night a cold surprised me in my sleep and for the past two days my throat has been sore from ear to ear. I don't know why a sore throat always makes me feel so ill. Migraines are debilitating, but at least they don't make me wish for Death to come and take me away. If I have to suffer through one more day of this I may just have to kill myself.

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Last week's recap, part 2

When I came back from the doctor it was still quite early, and I decided to watch the second half of Angels in America, finally! I found it just as brilliant as I did last year, and I'm thinking of making it a tradition to watch it every autumn.

With the arrival of Marianne Faithfull the next day the angelfest was continued a little longer (her "Crazy love" will forever be linked to AiA in my mind). "Last song" is another favourite of mine on the album.

The latter half of the week the weather turned lovely, or heavenly, to keep in style, with temperatures of around 20°C. On Thursday I was even moved to tear myself away from the computer in my lunch break in order to go for a walk with J.

The weekend was the warmest last weekend of October ever recorded. It was also the end of daylight saving time, which meant an extra hour of sleep. Hurrah! My biological clock hates DST, and 7 months out of 12 is simply too long.

Oh yes, and on Wednesday I watched All the Queen's men. Rather disappointing on the whole, but Eddie Izzard was hilarious as the diva giving a performance for the Germans. He really seemed to be enjoying himself. :D

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Autumn is truly upon us, we have had continuous rain today, and it was quite dark. But I love this kind of weather, if it doesn't last too long.

Again, it took me a long time to fall asleep last night. As I have no trouble sleeping in the morning, I figured it was the time-released vitamin C tablets taken at dinner these past few days that have been keeping me awake. I took only one today and at a much earlier time. Tonight I'll find out if that was indeed the problem.


Quick update

Nothing much has happened.

While shopping on 21 September I came across a DVD box with the first season of Dead like me and thinking it was a stroke of luck I immediately bought it, but a few days later I saw several of those boxes in another shop at 5 euros cheaper.

I am rather surprised that Dead like me should be released on DVD here when it was only broadcast by one rather obscure TV station, while The league of gentlemen, which has been shown several times on two Dutch stations, a Belgian station and the BBC, has been impossible to get so far, at least the complete box set including the Christmas specials. But I'll keep looking out for it.

The next Friday, 23 September, I could pick up Yossi & Jagger from the post office. When I came home I immediately tried out the DVD and fortunately this time the image was fine. I watched the film over the weekend, in bits and pieces, because I kept being interrupted by phonecalls and people stopping by unexpectedly. I was very happy to find it was the film version after all, and not the shorter TV version. The DVD also includes the trailer, two music videos, a "making of" (without subtitles, which made me want to learn Hebrew), and an earlier short film by the same director. I watched that one last week, but I must say I didn't care for it.

Yesterday Kink FM celebrated their 10th anniversary. :) They will broadcast the Outlaw 666 from tomorrow, but as it is from 9 am until 8 pm, I won't be able to hear much of it.

It also was the final day of the DDD (three crazy days) at the Bijenkorf. Most things I wanted were either sold out already or disappointing irl, but I did score The crying game for 4 euros. :)

And I had another dizzy spell yesterday. I was sitting at the computer and I suddenly felt as if I would keel over. The feeling lasted for hours, it was as if my head kept being pulled sideways. I have had those spells occasionally for about a year, I think. Maybe I should go to the doctor. Also, since I've gone back to work I have gradually started coughing again. Something in the airconditioning, perhaps? But if that were the case I wouldn't be coughing at home too, would I? Although this weekend I haven't been, come to think of it. Hmmm.

It is now 22.30 and I am dead tired. And I'm a bit unsatisfied with what I've (not) accomplished this weekend. Mail has been piling up for weeks and I haven't even looked at it yet. Nor have I vacuumed or done the ironing. *sigh* Oh well. If I go to bed early I may feel more energetic tomorrow. If the mosquito that woke me up at 5.30 this morning will leave me alone, that is..

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For film fans only

So yeah. Buffet froid. It was very interesting to see that film again after so many years. As I wrote earlier, I had seen it in 1992, and according to the diary I recovered from my old computer some months ago, Belgian TV broadcast it on 24 September and German TV on 13 December. I hadn't remembered seeing it twice. Memory is such an unreliable thing.

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What had stayed with me was the laconic way in which death was treated. I have long since found out that (I've said it before) anything that puts life and death into perspective works as an anti-depressant for me, so it was easy to understand why this film had appealed to me. Still, I was surprised at the impact it had had. What I saw now was a pitch-black absurdist comedy, very amusing at times, but as soon as the credits rolled it had all but disappeared from my mind.

Whereas Yossi & Jagger, on the other hand, was still there and refused to go away. I figured that perhaps this was one of those films that I could love even while being aware of all its flaws, a bit like Different for girls, and by Saturday I had decided that I wanted it on DVD. So when I came home yesterday I went to Fame and fortunately they had a copy. I bought it, along with The panic in Needle Park (YAY!), Young Frankenstein, Analyze this, and Ghost world (another yay!).

Back home I immediately played Yossi & Jagger and I noticed that the things that had bothered me the first time hardly bothered me now. I've really made a complete about-turn. I still think the film is too short (a little over an hour), but that also means it has no room for sentimentality, while still being able to move the audience.

Unfortunately my copy was faulty. The images kept disintegrating, I don't know how to put it otherwise. I had never really considered the possibility that DVDs might not work (naive, I know), but last week a colleague told me she had had to go back with a DVD because it wouldn't play, and hey presto! here I am having problems too. Ack! I hope the rest of my collection is all right, there's a lot I haven't watched yet.

All the same, I was able to make several good screen caps (I learned how to yesterday, especially for the occasion).

I looked on the 'Net for a review of the Dutch release and didn't find it, but I did come across gay bookshop Vrolijk's website ('vrolijk' is a translation of the earlier meaning of 'gay', i.e. cheerful, light-hearted) and I found out that they not only have books, but also a large collection of DVDs. I thought they might also have a version with English subtitles, so this afternoon, after returning my copy to Fame, I headed for Vrolijk.

I found a British release of Dog day afternoon (very unexpected, a triple yay!), and the Dutch release of Yossi & Jagger (2 euros cheaper than at Fame). I was told that the former had no release with Dutch subtitles and the latter none with English (except the American region 1, which I can't play), so I bought both after making sure I could exchange my copy of Y&J if it turned out to be faulty too.

Unfortunately that was the case. It looked exactly like the first one. So I went back to Vrolijk and got my money back. The guy at the counter told me that he had sold many already and had had no complaints, and that it was probably my disk drive having problems with this particular DVD, that happens sometimes. That did not make me vrolijk at all, in fact I was inordinately disappointed, considering I did not even like the film that much just a few days ago. Not even having found Dog day afternoon could cheer me up, but later I remembered to have a look at Amazon UK and according to their website the British release of Y&J will be on 14 November. So there is still hope I can get my hands on a copy I can play properly. And in the mean time I have my screen caps to keep me warm. :)

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On my Saturday-morning walk in the park I spotted two spotted woodpeckers. :) I think they were Mr and Mrs.

Monday afternoon I almost fainted, from the heat and/or slight dehydration, I guess. I was chatting with E. in her garden. She sat and I stood on high-heeled espadrilles looking down at her, and I suddenly grew dizzy. She let me sit in her chair and I asked "Do you hear crickets, too?" Turned out it was the blood singing in my ears. Fortunately the dizzy spell passed quickly.

Tuesday I went to a shoeshop that has a large selection of Camper shoes. I tried several styles, but none of them felt very comfortable, which was rather a disappointment. Although they didn't have the flamenco Twins I coveted, they had several like-shaped shoes, but I found them quite wobbly to walk on. All this has cooled my love for the Twins a bit, and I don't think I will order them after all.

I did unexpectedly find a pair of gorgeous red boots in beautiful, soft leather, but again it is not the right red to go with my pants, so I will have to return them. Or maybe I should keep them and try to find pants to go with them, hehe.

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I also bought the first Franz Ferdinand CD, at last! As I do not want to do unto my neighbours as they do unto me, i.e. make lots of noise while having doors and windows wide open (excluding my downstairs neighbour, she is quiet as a mouse), I didn't play it until this afternoon for the first (and 2nd, and 3rd) time. Because it was 30°C outside and only 25/26°C inside, I kept the windows closed and could play music at normal sound level.

Yesterday, BTW, J. and I went for another walk in the Vondelpark. Again we had picked a good day for it: very pleasant, not as hot as the rest of the week was. It was quite lovely.

And finally, I was tagged by sophyq ages ago to do this song meme:

List six of your current favourite songs and list six other people to do the same.

As I found it impossible to list only 6 all-time favourites, I took 'current' to mean 'recent':

Trouble with dreams - Eels
Versace - Bettie Serveert
Man is the baby - Antony & The Johnsons
Home - Stuurbaard Bakkebaard
Feel good, Inc. - Gorillaz
40' - Franz Ferdinand (OK, this was last year, but, see above, I only bought it now)



Sorry guys! :D

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This morning was the first time I didn't wake up feeling like shit, with a dry throat and a full nose. Maybe at last my cold is wearing off. This weekend I must do at least some of my RIB homework, but I will also really, really try and catch up on my friends' LJs, I promise.

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Checking in

Thursday afternoon a week ago I caught cold sitting scarfless in the garden, and within 24 hours it had developed into a full-blown head cold. Because I had become ill so quickly I hoped it would pass quickly too, but alas, no such luck.

One downside of living alone is definitely the fact that when you're ill and you want a cup of tea or something to eat the only way you are going to get it is by rising from your sickbed to prepare it yourself. Fortunately that was only a problem for the first few days. Even though I still have a head full of snot I don't feel that ill any more, and my energy, which had gone in a flash and left me listless and not feeling up to anything except reading magazines, is slowly returning. Just as well, because I have a lot of catching up to do: housework, homework (aargh), LJ, etc. etc. The mere thought is daunting.

BTW, a curious but welcome side-effect I noticed is that I'm not bothered so much by the heat. Yesterday it was around 30ºC here and while everyone around me in the tram was huffing and puffing, I just sat there serenely and comfortably basking in the warmth. It made a nice change. :)

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