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Something for everyone

Britcom lovers, how many familiar faces do you see in this video? I recognized 4 so far:


(Thanks to summer_smile for this link!)

Surfing around lj I found a link to Tetris, a game I'd heard a lot about but never played before:


And a quote:

The husband to a friend: "She says it's platonic. I had to look that up, it means they haven't done it yet."

(From The Rotters' Club, which started tonight on the BBC.)


None of us are getting any younger

Last night I found a website with some amusing games and animations. This little game kept me up until 3:45, when it finally dawned on me that, since my days of dexterity at playing Minesweeper have long gone, I was perhaps aiming a little too high here (spot the pun!) in wanting to reach level 1 before bed. What, pathetic? Who, me?? Hahaha.

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