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Oh, really?

I don't think I have ever said here how much I love my iPod. I have never wanted to have a walkman or discman, I didn't feel the need, and I only bought an iPod because I fell for the clever marketing. It took me until this year to actually start using it, but now I wouldn't want to do without any more.

I don't particularly care for the feel of the earphones in my ears, but hearing the music so "close" is a revelation to me. It is wonderful to discern all the rich detail in beautifully produced albums, like the ones by Tori, Nick Drake, Spinvis or David Bowie. On the other hand, there are songs which I can't bear to hear over my earphones; "Hurt" by NIN springs to mind.

Last week I was busy in the kitchen, listening to my iPod (in shuffle mode, as usual), when a song by The Smiths came by that I don't think I had ever heard before. It hit me like a hammer. I stopped whatever I was doing and sat down to listen to it quietly. The song was "Pretty girls make graves". I can't believe I have never heard it before, it is so good. It shot right up into my top 3 of favourite songs by them. It is not that often that I am swept off my feet by a song at first hearing, and it has completely rekindled my love affair with The Smiths.

There was a summer (it must have been 1984) when every good song I heard on the radio — and radio to me then meant Radio Caroline — was by The Smiths. Except for "Hand in glove" by Sandie Shaw, which, I later found out, was actually also by The Smiths.

I especially liked the combination of the cheerful, upbeat music with Morrissey's whiny voice and lyrics. The songs that also had whiny music, like "How soon is now?" took a little longer to get into, but in time I learned to love them, too.

Over the years I have listened to them on and off; sometimes intensively, sometimes not at all. Especially at this time of year, with autumn around the corner, I need to be careful with them, because no matter how happy I feel, they never fail to make me melancholy, and if I feel melancholy to begin with they can make me depressed. So after a few days of immersing myself in Smiths music I thought it wise to start listening again to some happier tunes as well.

But before that, on one Smiths-drenched night, I was looking around the IMDb forums and found a review of a DVD which contained the original TV production of Yossi & Jagger, in Hebrew with English subtitles. The TV film is even shorter than the cinema release, but as the review was very favourable and also said that the image was crisp and clear, I followed the link to the Israeli Internet shop selling it, and I ordered it straightaway. The next morning I already had confirmation (and in faultless Dutch, too) that they had sent off the DVD. So I am in happy (and slightly anxious) anticipation of that.

And on Friday afternoon I went to the hairdresser's to get a haircut and a colour rinse. This was the first time ever I had my hair coloured and I was surprised at the amount of time it took. Very expensive too, and all for something that will wash out in about 8 times. But I am very pleased with the results. It is now quite short again, I was getting fed up with hair falling into my eyes and causing irritation and inflammation. And the colour is slightly darker brown than my own colour, and neatly covers the grey. I think next time I'll go for this same colour, but in permanent dye.

In other news, Waking the dead is getting weirder with each new series, and I can't say I care for it much. And I see that tomorrow night ARTE is going to repeat Yossi & Jagger. Ack! I hope I can resist the temptation to watch it again, it is on until 2.30.