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Last night I dreamed for the second night in a row that the key to the front door of the house had gone missing from my keyring. Hmm, what on earth is that supposed to mean?

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Music question (and some other stuff)

Before I turn to a specialized community, I thought I'd ask my music-loving friends:

I heard an old soul song on the radio, and I couldn't think of the band or the title (it was a non-stop music programme). I fed bits of the lyrics into Google, but nothing turned up, which surprised me, because it's not an obscure track or anything. Nice bass line, not a ballad; early '70s, I would say, sung by a man, girls' vocal backing. This is the chorus:

talkin' 'bout the ghetto,
ghetto, that's my home
(it's where we live, where we live)"

I am almost sure the song title is "... it up", only the first word is unclear. "Bring", perhaps?

Help, anyone?

EDIT: All of a sudden my brain started working again and I thought "Clean it up"! Googled it, and hey presto: "Let's clean up the ghetto" by The Philadelphia International All-Stars, either from 1973 or 1977 (conflicting info). Yes, now I remember! And the lyrics are not on the Net, more people seem to be looking for them.

This morning I was having a nightmare about a scary museum when I was rudely awakened by the doorbell. It turned out to be the postman with a package for my neighbour, who was out. By the time I could write down my dream, much of it had become vague. Which was a shame, because the clearer, the easier it is to recognize where it comes from and to rationalize it. It was even more of a shame that when I set the alarm on my clock radio last night I had apparently forgotten to check the volume: it was off and therefore failed to wake me up 45 minutes earlier, which would have prevented me from having the nightmare in the first place.

(And I had forgotten to turn off my mouse and modem last night! It was only 2:40 or so, I wasn't that sleepy! Hrmm...)

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