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Unfortunately the weather on 'Koninginnedag' (30 April) was not half as good as predicted, but Sunday was warm and glorious. In the morning I went for a walk in the park. In the afternoon I first watched an energetic Franz Ferdinand concert on TV, recorded live at Pinkpop last year (I really must buy their CD), and when the sun had left my garden I sat outside reading until 7. My rumbling stomach finally drove me back inside to make dinner.

Recently I read a raving review of Extremely loud & incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer and I had planned to go out yesterday afternoon to check it out at the bookshop. As luck would have it, the chapter I read in So many books, so little time yesterday morning dealt with hypes. Sara Nelson specifically mentioned Safran Foer's first book Everything is illuminated, and that she felt a resistance to it because it had been hyped so much. She liked it, but didn't think it was all that brilliant.

So it was with slightly curbed enthusiasm that I set out to the bookshops. It didn't take long for me to surrender to EL&IC, though. Intriguing illustrations and layout, not as weird as House of leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (another hyped book I couldn't resist at the time), but interesting enough. So even if the story or the style of writing turn out to be disappointing, at least it's a good-looking book.

And this morning I rolled out of bed to watch L'une chante, l'autre pas by Agnès Varda on TV5. It must be at least 20, maybe even 25 years since I last saw it, and when I checked the new TV guide last week I was overjoyed to see the announcement. Later I suddenly remembered that I was scheduled for an appointment with the dental hygienist at the same time the film would be on, so I immediately called her to postpone it. It is important to get one's priorities right.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

L'une chante, l'autre pas is typically '70s. That era was great for film, and especially for European cinema. Most of my favourites date back to that time, although that could have more to do with my being an impressionable teenager then. I still loved the film today, though.

lewis furey

Antidotes against depression

"Nobody has suffered more from low spirits than I have done — so I feel for you. 1st. Live as well as you dare. 2nd. Go into the shower-bath with a small quantity of water at a temperature low enough to give you a slight sensation of cold, 75° or 80°. 3rd. Amusing books. 4th. Short views of human life — not further than dinner or tea. 5th. Be as busy as you can. 6th. See as much as you can of those friends who respect and like you. 7th. And of those acquaintances who amuse you. 8th. Make no secret of low spirits to your friends, but talk of them freely — they are always worse for dignified concealment. 9th. Attend to the effects tea and coffee produce upon you. 10th. Compare your lot with that of other people. 11th. Don't expect too much from human life — a sorry business at the best. 12th. Avoid poetry, dramatic representations (except comedy), music, serious novels, melancholy sentimental people, and everything likely to excite feeling or emotion not ending in active benevolence. 13th. Do good, and endeavour to please everybody of every degree. 14th. Be as much as you can in the open air without fatigue. 15th. Make the room where you commonly sit, gay and pleasant. 16th. Struggle by little and little against idleness. 17th. Don't be too severe upon yourself, or underrate yourself, but do yourself justice. 18th. Keep good blazing fires. 19th. Be firm and constant in the exercise of rational religion. 20th. Believe me, dear Lady Georgiana, Very truly yours."

The Revd Sydney Smith to Lady Morpeth, February 16, 1820

I doubt these would cure major depression, but otherwise sound advice. Personally I've found nos. 3 to 7 to be particularly beneficial.

(And what a great song "Feeling good" is! I have yet to hear a version I don't love.)

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(no subject)

Today, on account of Kenneth Cole's campaign for the homeless, I brought in 3 pairs of shoes my mother has hardly worn (because they are not her right size) and my collection of brown belts, since I'm phasing brown out of my wardrobe. I had expected to receive a voucher, but it turned out I had to make my purchase rightaway in order to get the discount. Ack. Not really what I wanted, but I had a look around anyway. There were no boots, and I didn't see any shoes or clothes I fancied. Saw some very nice watches and handbags, but I don't need another watch, and the bags were not the right colours.

I had half a mind to leave without buying anything, when my eye fell on a gorgeous messenger bag (I believe they are called). For years I have been looking for a briefcase and never found one I truly loved, until now. Slightly bigger than what I had had in mind, but very beautiful. I didn't take long to decide. It was quite expensive of course, and upon paying I found out that I had miscalculated the discount, it was only 33 euros and not 66. (Yeah, I know, I really have no right to ridicule others, my math skills aren't that great either.)

When I came home I saw Natasha sitting on the table and thought that this might be a more suitable bag for her than the ugly one I bought originally (the computer store only had a choice of one). It was a perfect fit. However, it was clearly not designed to be a laptop bag. I would have to wrap Natasha up in order to avoid her casing getting scratched by the metal zippers inside, and more importantly, the bag has magnetic closures. I don't know if those magnets are strong enough to do any damage to her hard disk, but I'd rather not take the risk and learn the hard way. So, no stylish bag for Natasha, it will be mine only. Here is a picture of a similar one (but mine has pretty stitching):

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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A cure for insomnia

I had a wonderfully relaxed couple of days. Yesterday I first did some chores like the laundry and financial administration, and in the afternoon I went out. The weather was truly lovely, sunny and mild. I could sense spring waiting around the corner.

I posted some letters and took old paper and glass to the container to be recycled. At the chemist's I bought a large jar of Omega 3-6-9 capsules at 50% off. Let's see if they are any good.

When I came home again I put on a CD, burned an incense stick (something I had not done for a long time), and curled up on the couch with my beloved STW. I read on until 6, and then I started cooking dinner, because I wanted to watch an early movie. It turned out to be a rather silly film, but I doubletasked in the mean time by folding laundry and sorting out my overflowing socks drawer. A lot of those socks were ready for the dump: elastic gone, etc. By the time the film was finished, the drawer was looking organized again. I felt so accomplished. ;)

After watching Never mind The Buzzcocks and Six feet under I tried to catch up on lj, but succeeded only halfway, and I went to bed at 1:15.

This morning I rearranged some of my books and in the afternoon I went out again. Though beautifully sunny, it was much colder than yesterday, due to the wind. The shopping mall was nice and warm though. Some of life's necessities were on special offer, and I made good use of that. The money I saved on those necessities I immediately splurged tenfold on a lovely, luxurious L'Occitane cleansing fluid, but hey. Nothing's too good for my extremely hard-to-please skin. Besides I was given some samples of other products I was interested in.

When I came home this afternoon, I had a smoked salmon sandwich, and then much the same ritual as yesterday: incense and STW. When I finished a chapter, I went on to read lj. The catching up took so long that I did not start dinner until 20:45, which made me late for the rest of the evening, but never mind.

I am now seriously contemplating having an early night, after trying out all the lovely new products, of course! It's probably a good idea, because my neighbour has some furniture delivered tomorrow, and those delivery guys usually show up really early.

lewis furey

On the slippery slope again

From bluestranger:

1. Pick something on my interests list that you also like. Why do you like it?
2. Pick something on my interests list that you don't like. Why don't you like it?
3. Pick something that is on my interests list that surprises you. Why does this surprise you?
4. Pick something that is on my interests list that you know next to nothing about. What do you *think* it is?
5. Pick something that you think should be on my interests list. Why do you think it should be there?

I am very curious to hear your opinions, so what do you all think?

From ankhgrl49:

Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.
An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.
You are also good at remembering information and convincing someone of your point of view.
A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

Yesterday and today I spent way too much time at the computer again. So I'm going to log off now, make a quick to-do list for tomorrow, go to bed, rise at a decent hour and ACCOMPLISH THINGS! So there.

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(no subject)

This morning I was up at 7, because the heating engineer would come round to check the system and for all I knew he might be at the door at 8. He arrived at 9:45 and was gone at 10:30 or so, leaving the rest of the day to me. It is really nice to have such a long day, I must admit.

I spent a successful afternoon shopping, both for Sinterklaas and myself. I bought the Angels in America DVD for myself (yay!), and also DVDs of The Big Lebowski (hey Jackie! :D ) and Barton Fink. A Dutch newspaper offers 2 Coen brothers films every week for a special price. Next week it will be The Hudsucker Proxy and O Brother Where Art Thou, which I also want. These 4 are my favourites, together with Fargo, but that one is in a set with a film I don't care for. I can always buy Fargo separately, but of course I do not have to own every film I like a lot.

Among other things I bought 2 books as presents and of course could not resist the temptation to buy a book for me, too. Windows on the World by Frédéric Beigbeder, definitely not a fun read, but gripping and compelling, to judge from the bits I read here and there. I would like to push all my current reading aside and start this book immediately, but it will have to wait until the holidays are over. Bleak January will be a perfect month for it.

A really good day, all in all. I'm afraid tomorrow will be less great. In the afternoon I'm having a talk with someone from Social Security to discuss my reintegration (i.e. into the working classes). I am so not looking forward to that. I have heard several first-hand accounts of the pointlessness of this so-called 'reintegration process'. Well, I refuse to think about it now and ruin my day.

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Assorted silliness

Roaming around looking for beautiful losers I stumbled upon againstnature. Judging from its info page this community should appeal to several of my lj friends. An entry on St. Sebastian (for whom I have had a dubious fascination ever since I can remember) led me to the moderator(?)'s journal, where I found a link (cleverly disguised as a quiz) to an interesting typography identity website. Tonight I saw a charming comedy called Serendipity, well, this also was serendipity. I was finally able to identify one of my favourite typefaces. Ladies and gentlemen, meet ICT Tiffany:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I also found a real quiz, very apt for those of us who are a little under the weather (I've been coughing my lungs out lately, and it's not getting better but worse): Collapse )

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(no subject)

Collapse )

Last night I fell head over heels in love with a beautiful song I heard on the radio. I thought it sounded like a traditional Italian song, but when I fed the 2 words I had caught of the title and the performers into Google, I found the full reference in the first hit (o how we love thee, Google), and it turned out to be a classical piece by the early 17th-century composer Stefano Landi. On the BBC3 website I could hear 1 minute of it and read rave reviews, and a Polish site gave 30-second excerpts of all tracks on the CD.

I also loved the album, so when the rain stopped this afternoon I went out to buy it. (The first classical album in my collection, woohoo! I am not completely illiterate in the field, and some of it I like a lot, but somehow the classical music I grew up with never appealed to me as much as pop music did. I have decided this is because I never heard Ancient Music* at home - well, apart from Bach, that is. Everybody loves Bach.)

Unfortunately none of the record stores in my neighbourhood with a reasonably-sized classical department had this album in stock. Oops. Stupid me had not reckoned with that. It was too late to try shops farther away, but tomorrow I'll phone up Concerto and if they don't have it, I will have to order it and wait for another 2 weeks. Oh well.

So for now I have had to make do with the 1-minute excerpt on the BBC3 site, and the wonderful music I found on this website's pages. A whole new world is opening up for me in my old age, so please excuse my rambling on. You see, I find it pretty exciting, even if you don't. :D :D :P

* The correct term is Early Music (18/5/2008)

lewis furey


from narvi:


You give your love and friendship unconditionally. You enjoy long, thoughtful conversations rich in philosophy and spirituality. You are very loyal and intuitive.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!

from heartofdavid:

What books, movies, and music would someone have to familiarize themselves with to "get" you? What combination of entertainment will give them insight into your head/heart?

(A lot of these are already in my interests list, but never mind.)

Books: by Virginia Woolf; Sylvia Townsend Warner; Donna Tartt; Fay Weldon (up to The heart of the country); Russell Hoban; Joke van Leeuwen; stories by Tatiana Tolstaya
the Hitchhiker trilogy (my survival guide to life); De donkere kamer van Damocles (The darkroom of Damocles); 1984; The unbearable lightness of being; The driver's seat; Housekeeping; Winter doves; Beautiful losers; Giovanni's room; Rachels rokje (Rachel's skirt - Charlotte Mutsaers); De tuinen van Dorr (The gardens of Dorr); Kleine Sofie en Lange Wapper (Little Sophie and Lanky Flop); Mieke Mom; Alice in Wonderland; Le petit prince; My friend Joe (Peter Pohl); Andersen's fairy tales; Bluebeard (Perrault)

Movies: by the Coen brothers; John Cassavetes; Claude Goretta
12 Monkeys; Amélie; American beauty; Dog day afternoon; Pulp fiction; The conversation; The unbearable lightness of being; Come back to the five and dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean; Don't look now; Repulsion; Cría cuervos; Buffet froid; Préparez vos mouchoirs; Totó le héros; L'une chante, l'autre pas; Le bal; Divided we fall; Die bleierne Zeit; Ansichten eines Clowns; Manhattan; The graduate; Harold and Maude; Some like it hot; Arsenic and old lace; Young Frankenstein; What's up, Doc; Monty Python and the Holy Grail; La grande vadrouille; Chitty chitty bang bang; Mary Poppins

Music: Lewis Furey; The Cure; The Smiths; The Doors; Japan; David Sylvian; early Roxy Music; David Bowie; Velvet Underground; Jacques Brel; Nick Drake; Spinvis; Simon & Garfunkel; Leonard Cohen; Joni Mitchell; Sandy Denny; Nina Simone; Tori Amos; Caravan; Jethro Tull; early Genesis
Uncertain smile (The The); Anchorage (Michelle Shocked); I want you (Elvis Costello); Hello it's me (Todd Rundgren); In your room (Depeche Mode)

and I would like to add:
TV series (well, why not?): The singing detective (best thing ever to have been written for television IMO); The league of gentlemen; Blackadder; Ab fab (1st season); Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman; Twin Peaks (great at first, some tedious story lines later, but a good finale); Dead like me (still waiting for the 2nd season :( ); Angels in America (3rd episode tonight!; its brilliance reminds me of The singing detective)