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The secret questions meme

(received from silly_narziss)

The rules:

1. There are 30 questions, which I have in my possession, but only my answers are published below.
2. Next to each number, using only those individuals who appear on your flist, write the user name of the person who best fits the question.
3. Answer each question with only one user name.
4. Don't reveal the questions to anyone who hasn't agreed beforehand to publish their answers in their LJ. In other words: If you request the list of 30 questions from me and I send them to you, you must answer the questions and publicly post your answers in your blog.
5. Never reveal the questions publicly.

My answers:

1. xbrokenx
2. maldeluxx
3. n/a
4. _benedicte
5. testpatern
6. motodraconis
7. silly_narziss
8. heartofdavid
9. trop_vaniteuse
10. prrrtalieloe
11. reallybadpoetry
12. lisadarling
13. acatsslave
14. delphizyx / edbook
15. sammason
16. callmemadam
17. staybeautiful
18. ankhgrl49 / saintgeorge
19. castallia
20. jackiejj
21. ...
22. ...
23. n/a
24. mallorys_camera
25. bezigebij
26. ...
27. summer_smile
28. ?
29. n/a
30. Have a great weekend!

Tags: friends, memes
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