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I guess I should update even though I don't really feel like it. If I had been woken up by lawnmowers again this morning, I could have simply recycled my entry of 28 July last year, but as it happens today's culprits were the construction workers who are renovating the church. In a way that was worse, because although they don't produce as much noise as the gardeners, they do start producing it a lot earlier. So hardly any catching up on sleep this morning.

It has been autumn since the end of July, with lots of grey days and some rain. Also occasional sunshine, but far too cold (around 18-19°C) for the time of year. Yesterday and today the weather was better, but after about half an hour in the garden today I was driven back inside by the wind, even though the Amsterdam weather forecast had said that there was hardly any. Very strange.

Work is fine. I do have to get used to my time not being entirely my own any more, but it feels good to have structure again and not to have Social Security on my back.

Starting this week I have begun to take the scenic route to work, i.e. by tram through a beautiful part of the city, instead of by metro. Now I can either just take the tram and then have a brisk 20-minute walk to work, or get off one stop earlier and catch a bus that will bring me within about 7 minutes' walking distance. And if the weather is really bad I can wait at the bus stop and haul the shuttle bus that runs between the train station and the office.

I thought with this new scheme I would have to get up at least half an hour earlier in order to be on time, but as it turns out 7 minutes and one tram earlier are all it takes. I never cared for the metro and these days I like it even less, so I'm very happy about this solution.

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