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Still here

I have been busy doing some projects. I tend to become very monomaniacal about things, giving them my full attention while everything else is put more or less on hold until I finish the project or get bored with it or the novelty wears off sufficiently for me to wake up and realize that there are still lots of other interesting things to do, as well. That is basically also what happened with livejournal. At first I was so absorbed in it that there was no room for anything else, but slowly I began to feel that it would be nice again to read a book occasionally. :)

I am still decluttering and have started to reorganize my wardrobe. And last week I suddenly panicked because I have to send in my 4-weekly application form to Social Security tomorrow, and I had nothing to show them yet. So I have been scouring the Internet looking for reasonably suitable vacancies, and have managed to find a few, one of them actually very interesting. Hopefully it has not been filled yet. At least for the moment I can breathe a sigh of relief.

And now, on to some stolen goods.

From bieiris, this wonderful photograph by August Sander:

Image Hosted by

This must be the cutest sheep I've ever seen, it's looking so sweet and alert. And those ears! ^^ All of a sudden I can totally understand Gene Wilder in that old Woody Allen movie. LOL!

From heartofdavid and maldeluxx, at last this song meme (I changed some names):

1. Favorite Beatles song: too many to mention

2. Favorite Rolling Stones song: Gimme shelter

3. Favorite Doors song: The crystal ship, and When the music's over

4. Favorite Bob Dylan song: I want you

5. Favorite Elvis Costello song: I want you

6. TV theme song: The league of gentlemen (first and second series); The persuaders

7. Favorite Prince song: Raspberry beret

8. Favorite Madonna song: - Into the groove, but in the Sonic Youth version!

9. Favorite Michael Jackson song: solo: Smooth criminal, from Jackson Five days: I want you back

10. Favorite Metallica song: One

11. Favorite Laura Nyro song: Gibsom Street

12. Favorite Siouxsie song: Swimming horses

13. Favorite Japan song: Nightporter

14. Favorite Tori Amos song: Wednesday

15. Favorite Talk Talk song: Tomorrow started

16. Favorite Depeche Mode song: In your room

17. Favorite Cure song: Other voices, and Charlotte sometimes

18. Favorite song that most of your friends haven't heard: Lewis Furey - Lewis is crazy

19. Favorite Smiths song: This charming man

20. Favorite George Michael/Wham song: (guilty pleasures) Cowboys and angels, and Everything she wants

21. Favorite Peter Gabriel song: Biko

22. Favorite Police song: Does everyone stare, and Invisible sun

23. Favorite Sex Pistols song: Pretty vacant

24. Favorite Beach Boys song: Looking at tomorrow

25. Favorite Nick Cave song: The mercy seat

26. Favorite song from your favorite movie: Elton John - Amoreena, from Dog day afternoon

27. Favorite Duran Duran song: Save a prayer

28. Favorite Blondie song: One way or another

29. Favorite Michelle Shocked song: Anchorage

30. Favorite song from an '80s one hit wonder: Nick Nicely - 1892 (Hilly fields); I don't think it was really a hit, but it got a lot of airplay at the time

31. Favorite Slade song: Coz I luv you

32. Favorite Kinks song: Waterloo sunset

33. Favorite Genesis song: The carpet crawl

34. Favorite Led Zepplin song: The battle of evermore, and Dazed and confused

35. Favorite Brian Eno song: By this river, and The fat lady of Limbourg

36. Favorite Weird Al song: Eat it

37. Favorite Oasis song: Wonderwall

38. Favorite Byrds song: So you want to be a rock 'n' roll star

39. Favorite Pink Floyd song: Grantchester Meadows

40. Favorite cover song: David Bowie – Wild is the Wind, Tori Amos - Smells like teen spirit, Johnny Cash - The mercy seat

41. Favorite Paul Weller song: Stanley Road

42. Favorite dance song (the song I most love to dance to): Chaka Khan - Ain't nobody

43. Favorite U2 song: One

44. Favorite Elvis Presley song: Suspicious minds

45. Favorite disco song: Donna Summer - I feel love

46. Favorite Clash song: Rock the casbah

47. Favorite Pulp song: Common people

48. Favorite Talking Heads song: Listening wind

49. Favorite Elton John song: Honky cat

50. Favorite David Bowie song: Five years

51. Favorite David Sylvian song: Orpheus

52. Favorite song, period: The The - Uncertain smile

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